Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Surgery Countdown....#2

Adalynn's surgery is scheduled for December 10th! Aaaaaacckkkkkkk I can't believe it is already here. She is finally doing so well after the lip surgery and it seems too soon to be doing another surgery already-but we are. They will close her palate and put tubes in. We still don't know a time and we learned (after the first surgery at 12:45) that age really doesn't factor into surgery time. The hospital should call us sometime on Friday and let us know. Please say a little prayer for her, us, as well as both surgeons that will be operating.

Here are some photos from the Watkinsville Christmas Parade. It was a beautiful day and Adalynn really didn't even need her hat. The boys were EXTREMELY good, especially compared to all of the kids around us. They were pushing, shoving, and at one point someone even took candy out of Camden's lap. Broderick was the sweetest when he said "it's okay, mommy, we have lots of candy at home". Camden was mad at Santa though, because he threw a piece of candy that hit him in the head. Bad Santa...Bad Santa.

Thanks again for checking on us. Be sure to continue to pray for Ryan and Missy as they bravely and courageously fight the fight! There have been some recent bumps in their journey and all prayers would greatly help. I've copied the following information from his blog page. It would be great if we all could add to his Christmas Tree.

There are two great ways to help raise money for NB research over the Christmas holidays. Lunch for Life has started the Christmas Tree campaign already and Ryan got the first two ornaments on his tree this morning. There is a link on the left side of Ryan's site-(NOTE: I PUT HIS LINK ON HERE...JUST CLICK ON LUNCH FOR LIFE). If you use the code 26819, Ryan gets an extra ornament. All the money raised by Lunch for Life goes to find a cure for Neuroblastoma. Also, when you are doing your holiday shopping, register with i-give. There are tons of stores that will make donations when you make a purchase. You can choose your charity when you register. Aflac and the Rally Foundation are both charities you can select.

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