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Monday, December 22, 2008

An Official Graduate...and other news

I couldn't narrow down my favorite photos...so this post has several collages...you can click on them to enlarge the photos.

The kids are enjoying the snow here in Pennsylvania. But after our trip to Georgia last week, I now realize just how cold it actually is. Adalynn and Camden enjoyed time outside catching snowflakes while Broderick was at school on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, we woke up to several inches on the ground. Broderick had a two hour delay. We dropped him off at school at 10:45 and dismissal on Wednesday's is 1:30. We picked him up, and we began our trip south. Broderick and Camden were a little disappointed that we were leaving and that they didn't get to play outside in the snow, but were exciting about seeing friends.

We arrived in Georgia to a balmy 70 degrees. We definitely didn't need the coats, gloves, and hats that we started our trip with. The kids did great on the ride despite some technical difficulties with the DVD player. We finally were able to get one to work, so they just shared in the middle. One of these days we will invest in a ceiling mounted one...the cords of the portable ones get really annoying. If anyone has any advice or suggestions, we are open.

We spent Thursday visiting friends, going to the school, stopping by campus, and eating at one of our favorite restaurants (Barberitos)! The boys loved playing with the Tadda kids and we enjoyed spending time with them as well as with Allison and Michael. Friday morning was spent the same way and we were able to visit with Ryan and Missy. Both are fighting harder than ever, but still loving every precious minute they are given. It was great to see them both and witness the outpouring of love that is showering down on them. The Lord knows, they definitely deserve it!

On Friday afternoon, John officially graduated. His family (his mom, dad, sister, and nephew) drove down from Indiana to help celebrate his special day. The Tadda family went to graduation with us and then Allison and Michael came to dinner after graduation. It has been a long road...and we are glad it's over! I am so proud of John for achieving this prestigious degree. I know it hasn't been easy (trust me) and I know he couldn't have done it without me ;) hee hee...though he says he would have finished faster and politely, I would beg to differ.

On Friday night we left Athens and headed to Jackson to stay with the kids' godmother and my best friend, Heather. We had a blast hanging out at her house and doing absolutely nothing on Saturday. The boys loved playing outside in the beautiful weather in her fenced in backyard. On Saturday night, the boys had fun skyping with her husband and their godfather, Jesse, who is in Iraq. We enjoyed spending time with her before she headed to Indiana to spend Christmas with her family. We all left Sunday morning after a delicious breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We made it back home early Monday morning. Well, I should say that we made it to the parking lot behind our house. Our road was a solid sheet of ice, so we didn't even attempt to drive down it at 1:00 in the morning. Broderick had a two hour delay, so he made it to school on Monday despite the 14 hour car ride.

other news....Adalynn is still pottying in the toilet. She rarely poos in her diaper. She tells us she has to poopy even when we are driving...I can't believe my baby girl is growing up so fast. I can't remember the last time I changed a stinky diaper. Yea!!!!!

And here's an attempt at photos in front of the Christmas tree...which wasn't exactly successful-cute, but definitely no good shots of the three of them. We also took photos outside of John's office, which we used for our Christmas card (which I will post in a few days).

Thanks for checking in on us and celebrating John's graduation with us. We are definitely proud of his accomplishment. We hope to see many of you soon when we come to Indiana!

Merry Christmas!!!!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Forgot this....

Well, I forgot to post this picture this week, so I thought I would add it now. Her first chocolate pudding experience.

I will post more pics when we get back from John's graduation...yes, he is officially graduating. We will head to GA this week for it. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again (yes, I know I was just there).

Lastly, if I don't have your address and you want a Christmas card (that I custom made) please email me with your address. I have some of them, but if you are an on-line cleft buddy-I may not. email me at frye.shannon@gmail.com

I will be posting the card here later this week for all to see, so if you are okay with that-then just think of that as your Christmas greeting from us.

Until then, enjoy the countdown until the BIG DAY! I know we are more than ready here!

Monday, December 8, 2008

This is HUGE!!!!!

The event of the year just occurred at our house this weekend. One of the most exciting parts of our move...one of the reasons Broderick and Camden even chose to leave Georgia and move to Pennsylvania with us. Yes, you guessed it...


Now, you have to realize it has been about 4 years since we have seen snow. The boys do not remember it at all and of course Adalynn has never been around it (unless you count the random flurry in GA as snow). They were so excited. I do have to admit, though, that John and I were too!

We spent most of Saturday out shopping and getting our family picture taken for our Christmas cards. It began snowing late Saturday afternoon and just watching it fall from the sky was enough to send the boys overboard. Once you were able to actually see it on the ground, it was a whole different story-they went nuts!!! We even went to Wal-Mart Saturday night looking for snow boots and sleds. They didn't have sleds in stock yet, and we couldn't find snow boots in the right sizes. We left empty handed. The roads were a little slick and our van had its first anti-lock brake test as slid and we missed our turn.

The boys were out of bed and standing at the window (jumping up and down and shouting) before 7:00 the next morning. They were amazed that there was snow EVERYWHERE. Now, in all actuality, there was very little snow. Barely enough to cover the ground and definitely not enough to even attempt a snowman. But, it was perfect for them. They were bundled up and ready to go outside before 9:00. Based on their actions, you would have thought that they have never seen snow :) --which is mostly true. Camden wanted to know "what that popping noise was" as he trudged up the sidewalk and crunched through the snow and Broderick had no clue how to even make a snowball. Boy, do they have a lot to learn! They only lasted outside for about 15 minutes (and Adalynn less than that, since she refused to keep her mittens on). It was perfect though. It was just enough to get them excited about what is to come.

The most important question came from Camden, though! He wants to know why Santa didn't come...he always comes when it snows!!!! Well, as we all know-Christmas is right around the corner!

Thanks for checking in on us....here some other photos from this week! Enjoy!!!!

watching the Polar Express in PJ's with a fire and hot chocolate (of course)

She finally has enough hair for pigtails! Now, she even asks for them and doesn't pull them out!!!

So excited!!!!! Adalynn loves hiding from Broderick and Camden
and is beside herself when the boys pull the blanket off her head!

Adalynn was looking way too cute by the Christmas tree with a Christmas tree on her head!

She loves yelling at the singing and dancing reindeer!

Christmas is right around the corner. We can't wait to see many of you!!!!