Friday, August 29, 2008

Growing Up

Okay, so it is hard to believe my little boy is going to be in first grade. It just blows my mind how fast the time has gone. Broderick is still very nervous about it, but I think feels a little better after going to the new student orientation. He said he wants to be the "quiet, smart kid that sits in the back". His new elementary only houses grades 1-5, so he is glad to know ALL the first graders will be new, not just him. That, plus the fact that every classroom has a SmartBoard-like Bethlehem, really helped. We also ran into his teacher and got to meet her that day (she was just there getting her room ready). She seemed really nice (and VERY young, as in first year teaching, young). It is really weird here though, he needs no school supplies. All of it is provided by the school. We had already gone out and bought things since we didn't have any clue. That explains why we never got a supply list and you can't find one on-line. He was a little sad that he wouldn't get to use his Spiderman folders and the rest of his goodies, but glad to know that his teacher already had a box made up for him and told him if he wanted "special pencils" that he could bring them in. Of course, he still gets to use his backpack, which is also Spiderman, and it came with a cool skateboard. Broderick loved finding his name on one of the lockers (yes, his very own locker) that lines the hallway. The school is new (built in 2004) and despite being 3 stories tall is still much smaller than Bethlehem. We are both excited and nervous. I am really worried about not being there, but with school starting on Tuesday we have no choice but to be ready.

On the Growing Up title...well obviously it was about how grown-up Broderick now is-but I also wanted to let everyone know that I have not changed a poopy diaper ALL week. Yes, Adalynn is pooing in the potty. I can't believe it!! Sometimes she will walk over to the door and let me know she has to potty, but usually I can just see "the look". It started when I put her on the potty at the beginning of the week when she started to poop while I was changing her diaper. Since then, she has only pooped in the potty. I am not sure if this is just a phase or if it is the real thing. Every time I put her on the potty she does something-not always poop, sometimes she pees. She really tries and then she smiles when something happens. She loves flushing and waving bye-bye as well as washing her hands when she finishes. Hopefully this is the real thing, but at not even 15 months old, it is hard to tell. Wish us luck. ---notice the ponytail in the picture---hee hee :)

And I leave you tonight with video of our little toddler. I can't believe how well she is walking and how quickly she picked up on it. Don't ask about the outfit, daddy dressed her. I also wanted to share pictures of Broderick and Camden playing in the sprinkler in our back dirt, I mean yard. Don't ask about the saftey goggles, they both have some sort of obsession about wearing them everywhere.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Post #101

I can't believe this is post #101...but wow, it is. Over a year later and so much has happened. What a journey we've been on and the ability to be able to document it this way is unbelievable. I love scrapbooking and really need to get back into it (maybe that is something that I will be able to catch up on while I am home), but this blogging/sharing photos with everyone is great. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.

Well, we are still unpacking the last few boxes...slowly, but surely. John started yesterday with new faculty orientation. He was very excited. We all went to campus last night for a family dinner. Camden was dressed and ready before 9:00 a.m. for "daddy's party". He is such a little character and definitely all boy. I swear he will be our first broken bone (he was already the first to end up with stitches at 18 mos). Just the other day he was underneath the deck looking at a bird's nest and reached up and touched one of the support beams. He ended up with 16 splinters in his index finger. He was very brave and didn't cry at all as John and I worked on getting each one of them out. I thought he had touched a cactus or something as many pieces that were sticking out. The next morning he decided he was going to open a puzzle using a knife while I was in the shower. I was unaware of the whole situation until he came running upstairs with blood dripping all over the place. He wouldn't tell me what happened so I had to yell for Broderick to explain why Camden was bleeding. Needless to say they BOTH got into trouble. Camden had a small cut, but nothing that needed stitches. Of course, it was on the same finger that all the splinters were in.

We went to the Kutztown Fair on Saturday night and the Demolition Derby. Boy, were the boys excited! It was so fun watching their expression as the cars crashed into each other. The fair was small but perfect for the kids. One price admission paid for everything (except food, of course). The boys rode a few rides and Adalynn loved waving to them as they circled around. We ate hot dogs and cheese steaks and had fresh lemonades, Kutztown Sodas, and a funnel cake. Seeing the pigs and cows was Camden's favorite part. Broderick, of course, loved the Derby. Adalynn was awful fond of the funnel cake, as was her daddy. It was a great evening.

They have also enjoyed being able to finally play outside in the water/kiddie pool. After being on watering restrictions in GA for the past two years, this was definitely an exciting moment. Adalynn loved it (despite being a little scared of the huge Spiderman that was attached to the pool). Broderick and Camden also had fun and we got some cute photos. They are all water bugs. We haven't made it to the community pool yet, but with the membership only being $125/family for the year, we probably will join next summer.

Speaking of water, the kids love mommy and daddy's bathtub in the master bath. It is HUGE!!! We put everyone in the other night and they had a blast. Adalynn was very frustrated that she kept slipping every time she stood up, but big brother Broderick was there to rescue her every time. I am so glad the boys love her so much. She has been such an amazing addition to our family. The Lord has definitely blessed us.

And finally...here is the first official room that is completely done. Stuff is on the walls, clothes are in the closets and all is nice and neat. Welcome to Adalynn's first "official" room. (She was in the room with John and I in GA). I really wish it didn't have white walls, but that is to be expected when renting. One of these days....

Friday, August 15, 2008



Our new van!!!! 2008 Nissan Quest

At St. Mary's Hospital when Adalynn was tested for a UTI. I love the picture of the boys watching TV in the hospital room.

At the lake with our Sunday school class. Opening their gift of a smile donated in Adalynn's name to Operation Smile was very exciting. What a great gift!!!

Camden turned4 and had a wonderful party at Bear Hollow Zoo in Athens! Of course he was not interested in having a zoo party, so Hot Wheels it was. I made him a race track cake out of two round cakes. He loved having his friends from church and his preschool. It was a lot of fun. Even my mom showed up driving all the way from Indiana.

Broderick was baptized on our last Sunday at Mars Hill Baptist Church. I can't believe my baby boy is growing up that fast. Wow!!! Notice all the missing teeth? This tooth fairy gig is getting expensive.


At the campground John's parents stayed at while helping us unload the truck. By the way, it was a Penske truck...and now Camden screams every time he sees a Penske truck or any yellow truck for that matter.

You can't see me!!!!!! Camden hides by one of the many piles of boxes. We only have a handful left and the garage is almost clean enough to park the van in. YAY!!!

Adalynn enjoys her first Oreo and already knows how to open them up and lick out the cream first! We love the huge windows in the dining room (behind her), but of course they face due west and we have to close the curtains during dinner and snack since the sun is so bright. John loves looking out them and watching the storms come in. Imagine that?

Camden says "cheese" after eating a Fudgesicle on the deck on one of the few afternoons that it didn't rain. We now realize just how little rain we saw in GA after just 2 weeks in PA. We have a nice sized deck (though our patio furniture is still in GA) and a great yard for the kids to play in.

Broderick watching TV in the "Game Room". We have both a family room and a small living room downstairs, so we turned this one into the "Game Room". We filled the cabinet with all the games, bought a small coffee table and added our existing futon and TV! Perfect for the kids when they just want to play a game or do a puzzle. We are in the process of turning the basement into the playroom. I'll take pictures when we're finished.

Adalynn playing with mommy's new phone and walking EVERYWHERE!!!! She is now walking so well that instead of crawling once she falls, she just stands back up and continues walking.

Email me for my new phone number!

Adalynn loves standing at the patio doors and watching the boys play in the backyard and/or the community parking lot behind our house.
As soon as we finish unpacking and cleaning up I will post pictures of each room of our new house. Thanks for checking in on us. We miss you all and invite you all to come visit. Remember, I am staying home this year and will soon have a lot of spare time on my hands.