Saturday, December 22, 2007

Better Each Day

Adalynn is doing better each day. Eating a lot more like normal and sleeping a little better. She has been spoiled since her surgery and is not wanting to go back into her crib. Maybe one of these days.

We did have a scare on Monday night...I was giving her Tylenol and she choked, gagged and ended up with a nose full of Tylenol. Normally when she would spit up and her nose filled up with spit-up, I think she relied on her palate to breath. Now, her palate is closed (well mostly closed) and she had no clue what to do.

We had blue lips, hands, and feet and her eyes were starting to really look funny. She never lost consciousness, but she had no clue what to do without her palate. The Tylenol eventually ran out of her nose and by the time the ambulance got there she was laughing and smiling at the EMT's.

They listened to her and said they felt fine with not transporting her. She did fine the rest of the evening. Now, I am scared to death every time I give her meds and will probably be that way the rest of my life.

Her ENT follow-up on Tuesday went well and she passed the hearing test with flying colors. Her eardrums have returned to their normal position after being recessed for the past several months.

Her follow-up with the plastic surgeon didn't go as well. Her palate is healing great, but there is a small spot in the back that has opened back up. He feels comfortable leaving it for now. If it affects her speech down the road then he will put the one stitch in needed to close it the rest of the way.

The boys and too excited about Christmas and getting very anxious to open all the gifts under the tree. Adalynn just likes the sound that the wrapping paper makes and I'm sure will have plenty of help opening her prizes come Christmas morning. It seems very weird to have so many gifts under our tree but with grandmas and grandpa adding to our small collection, this year looks extraordinarily impressive.

We took the kiddos to sit on Santa's lap. It was a huge success. NOBODY cried....not even Adalynn. She was very fascinated with Santa's beard though. I guess he looked too much like "Papa Hair Face" for her not to want to play with it. I will post the picture as soon as I have more time to scan it in. In the meantime, here is a photo of Adalynn enjoying the crinkling of the wrapping paper (which is probably a sound she wouldn't have heard before they put the tubes in. Speaking of tubes, one of Broderick's fell out at lunch yesterday. UGH!!! They were just placed 5 months ago!!!!

Check back soon for a Santa photo.

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  1. I am so glad to hear Miss Adalynn is doing great overall. As if recovery wasn't stressful enough you had that scary episode. It always took some adjusting after surgery to get Rachel 'unspoiled'. LOL.

    For the future, when you give her Tylenol (I assume you give it with a syringe?) put a little in her mouth and then lightly blow into her face, doing that makes her swallow. It's just natural for babies to do that.

    Sorry to hear about the fistula (small hole), but so happy to hear the report from the ENT.

    Praise the Lord for all has gone so well! {{{HUGS}}}