Friday, December 14, 2007

Palate Repair...Adalynn's GREAT-Everyone else has gone downhill?!?!?

Adalynn's been recovering very well. She is still in a lot of pain, but overall the whole process has been much easier than John and I ever expected. Despite her recovery going well, everything else went crazy. Camden felt pretty yucky with strep throat and John's dad had a gall bladder attack while down here and was admitted to the hospital. Camden also experienced his first "shiner" courtesy of his brother.

Things are slowly returning to normal. My mom left on Wednesday evening (after the boys opened their remote control matching Hummers), John's dad was released from the hospital and they have returned to Indiana, the antibiotics have helped Camden and he feels much better (besides a nasty looking black eye). Adalynn has been smiling more each day and is slowly getting back to normal. She still won't sleep lying flat, but will now let us put her down as long as she is propped up. The corner of the couch works wonders!

Thanks for checking in on us! We appreciate all the prayers! The power of prayer is amazing!!!!! THANKS :)


  1. Wonderful, wonderful news about how Adalynn is recovering. Praise the Lord!!

    However, for the rest of the family, Wow! Hope everyone is doing fine and on the road to mending.

  2. i am sooo glad she is doing so well! gives me hope for the future!! hope you have a wonderful holiday!