Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day...CHECK IN TODAY

Adalynn is getting really good at standing. She can easily pull herself up as long as the item she is grabbing onto is low enough that she can reach and thin enough that she can get her tiny fingers around it. The coffee table is still too high, but most other things are perfect. I can't believe that my tiny little girl is standing and is getting closer each day not only to cruising/walking, but turning 1.

Enjoy the photos. She and Camden had a blast playing in the tote and letting daddy push them around. and here is a picture of Broderick (just so no one is left out). Isn't he getting big.

Please let us know if you regularly check out our blog, by either leaving a comment to this post or on the daily chat. We have already had over 4,000 hits, so we are trying to figure out who regularly checks in on us. Please, PRETTY please, let us know!!!! Even you, I know you're out there :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thank You Ms. Allison and Mr. Michael

Thank you soooooo much for braving Chuck E. Cheese on a Saturday night with our three kiddos, so John and I could go out. They loved it and we appreciated it so much!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Meet My Friends

Howdy y'all...yes, it is me, Adalynn, speakin'. Bein' down here in the south is really startin' to take a toll on the way me and my lil' brother tawlk. :) Well, I was just fixin' to check on all my cyber-friends websites and wanted to take a minute to introduce you to them all. Be sure you check them out!!!

First off is Rachel...she was the first we met. She was born with the exact same type of cleft as me.
Next, meet Zoe. I am not sure how mommy found Zoe, but we love reading about her adventures with her big sister.

And now, here is Abby and Lily. Mommy met them through an on-line message board just for cleft lips/palates. They are just a little bit older than me.


and Lily-

And here is Jackson and Jordan-they are brother and sister (both born with a cleft lip and palate). Mommy found them on the message board too. She loves those ladies and they are great company while mommy pumps.


Jordan-and here is a few pics of my newest friends.

Ian-he is using the same Craniofacial Clinic as Adalynn.

and Reid. Just like Ian (above) he has a bi-lateral cleft lip and palate (meaning it is on both sides). They will both have surgery in the next few months so definitely check their pages to see their progress.
and this is the final one-baby Abigail. She will be born in the next few months, and just like my mommy and daddy, her parents found out about her cleft during a routine ultrasound. Please check on her blog and welcome her to the world.

Mommy was able to contact most of my friends and ask for their permission to share their beautiful faces-but if for some reason you don't want your picture on here, please let my mommy know and she will fix it. On the same note, if I missed someone (and you check in on us) please remind me and I will add your picture.

We all belong to a special club and mommy and daddy feel so happy knowing they are not alone on this journey. Thanks for checkin' in on me and all my special friends.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mr. Mike says "Be Kind to One Another"

The title of this post comes from a comment made by Camden the other day while John and I were discussing something-I can't even remember what it was (if that tells you anything). Broderick calls these types of discussions "talk fighting". Mr. Mike (the minister of music at our church/Camden's preschool) did a lesson on this that must have had an impact on Camden. We try to maintain our voices, but I guess they both have read into it and understand it more than we give them credit for. Well, Camden's wise words opened both of our eyes. We are striving to follow his directions.

Needless to say, the past week has been crazy (probably resulting in most of the "talk fighting"). John had his interview in Kutztown, PA on Tuesday and got home late Tuesday evening. He leaves again on this Tuesday for a Wednesday interview in Boone, NC at another Univeristy. The babysitter and her daughter have been sick with the flu, making child care a joke this week. We are praying that Adalynn and Camden stay healthy and neither of them get it. I even have a child in my classroom that had it, so keep your fingers crossed that we all stay healthy.

Other news this week, is that Adalynn is FINALLY crawling. She isn't great at it and tends to look like an inch worm doing it, but she is moving across the room. She pushes with her feet and then pulls with her arms. I guess it is modified army crawling. She also will briefly stand up on her own (without us holding on to her). I can predict that she will probably be walking well before either of the boys ever did. She can easily pull up to her knees and feet if given the chance. She isn't tall enough to use the coffee table yet, but I'm sure she'll figure that out before we know it.I made an attempt to get a picture of all three of them looking at the camera at the same time. Hah!! That was a joke. It was fun trying and we got some great pictures of them...maybe I will try to figure out how to cut and paste them together.

......and I leave you with a picture from our Bahamas cruise (taken a year ago this week). Boy, do I wish I were on a cruise right now!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One Year Ago...(cleft lip ultrasound)

(added on 8-2012)  You have probably happened upon our blog page because you did some search for cleft lip ultrasound....well here it is and here we are. Adalynn just had her 6th surgery in less than five years. No it hasn't been easy....but it is what it is and we are okay.

First off, I want to tell you that it WILL BE OKAY!!! I promise. I cried buckets of tears, I mourned as if I had lost a child. Yet, in the whole scheme of things it is a scar. I measly little scar. Your child will be fine. Your child will be beautiful. And you will be okay. It will be a rough road. There are lots of surgeries to consider and probably feeding issues, speech therapy and such....but when it is all said and done, it is a scar and that is all!  Both you and your child will be stronger because of it. 

Be sure to click on the banner at the top to see our most recent posts and updates---with lots of new pictures, read below for my original post about finding out our daughter had a cleft lip,  and don't forget to watch the video of our PERFECT BEAUTY and our PERFECT BLESSING!!! You will be inspired!

 --------------------------ORIGINAL POST --------------------------
Approximately one year ago, we found out about Adalynn's cleft lip at a routine 20 week ultrasound. We had 4 additional ultrasounds to determine if her palate was involved, but she never gave us a great look at her face after the initial 20 week ultrasound because her hands/arms were ALWAYS up in or by her face, making the cleft very difficult to see.
It is kind of funny because everyone thought I was nuts when I told them I thought she had a cleft lip after I saw the 20 week ultrasound and many people told me more than once I was imagining things. This (above) is the ultrasound that I could see it best in. If you look down and left of her nose, you can obviously see it. It was about a week later, when the doctor finally called and confirmed my suspicion (at that time, it was my worst fear). Now that she is here and more perfect than I ever could have imagined, I feel SILLY for being sooo worried. Adalynn is PERFECT!!!! We could not be more blessed or ask for anything else.
And here she is today...sleeping with her hands still up by her face. :)

Surgery #3 is scheduled

I know, I am as surprised as you are. I thought the plastic surgeon was going to wait to see if the fistula would affect her speech before he decided whether or not to close it...but I guess since most of her meals are coming up through her nose, he decided now would be better than later. Adalynn's palate will be closed for a second time in mid-May. This time it is just outpatient surgery. The procedure should only take 20 minutes at max. and we should be home the same day. YAY!!!!! I just pray it goes as smoothly as he predicts. He said that 2-3 stitches should easily close it.

By the way, I had to brave Atlanta traffic by myself. We have lived here for 3 1/2 years now and this was the first time I have ever driven to Atlanta. Thank goodness for the GPS or I probably wouldn't have made my way home without stopping for directions. Broderick went with me and loved helping me with the navigation.

"Turn right is dot 1 miles, mommy".

"Okay, Broderick"

"turn in 400 feet, 300 feet, 200 feet, 100 feet...turn NOW mommy" (as he is watching and reading the screen)

"okay Broderick"

Broderick had a blast on awards day and it is evident by the way he raced across the stage when one of his teachers called his name. YAY Broderick!!! He received Merit Roll (good grades), People Respecting Others (behavior), and Perfect Attendance. We are so proud of his accomplishments this year in kindergarten.

Other news to update...Adalynn has pink eye. She is pretty miserable and it is hard to explain to a baby not to rub your eyes. The pediatrician gave us enough eye drops for whole family since it is more than likely that she will end up spreading it to everyone. I had a student in my classroom with it, so more than likely I brought the germs home from there. I guess this isn't bad though, it was her first doctor's visit that wasn't a well-baby check. I'll take pink-eye anyday over ear infections, colds, etc.

I have included a lot of photos in this post. I know you like them!

Everyone: Be sure to check out the on the move photos. She is getting closer and closer to officially crawling. She is successful and moving now, but it isn't graceful by any means. Maybe she is going to take after her mommy? Chase isn't so sure of a moving baby though and takes some time out of his busy schedule to observe her :) She also has recently discovered that her hands make an amazing noise and spends a lot of time showing off her new skill. And yes, if you look closely in the 3rd photo, you will see TWO bottom teeth. That brings the count up to 3 teeth. The bottom ones look very normal. YAY for that!

Grandmas: Be sure you read her shirt "Grandma Loves Me" Isn't that the truth (thanks mom for the adorable outfit).
Aunt Jessica: I am not sure if you check this or not, but I put some photos on her for you. Isn't she adorable in her Nike outfit and I think the "I Don't Have to be Good, I'm Cute" suits her well. Don't you think? Thanks!!!