Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well, the Christmas mess is slowly getting cleaned up, put up and organized. We have begun carrying the Christmas towels and mugs from the kitchen and into the living room waiting until New Years Day when all things Christmas will be stored for another year. I still keep my fairly large snowman collection out until mid-February (even though we never see snow).

The boys had a blast on Christmas morning (Broderick more so than Camden). Adalynn loved the noise all the paper made and watching Broderick and Camden. Santa brings each child 3 toys just as Jesus got three gifts from the Wiseman. Mommy and Daddy also do the three thing rule. It makes it so easy not to go overboard and it is just enough for them. Santa brought each of them a TV tray personalized with their name. Broderick's also had Spiderman stickers, Camden's-Diego, and Adalynn's was covered with Disney Princess stickers (of course). Santa also left Broderick Spiderman Skate shoes and BeDaMan robots. Camden got some BeDaMan Robots and a Diego Rescue Helicopter. Adalynn got a Crinkly Doll and a Picnic Basket with stuffed food. From Mommy and Daddy they all got a box with some clothes in it. Broderick was very disappointed that his was all too big and had to be returned just to find out they were out of the shirt he wanted in his size. He quickly got over it when we went to the Disney store and he got a Power Rangers Hockey Jersey. Broderick and Camden also got some books from us. Broderick got a Leapster Game and Camden got the Baby Jesus that he requested! Adalynn was oh-so-happy with her sippy cups and feeding set-just in time for her to really get into this eating thing. Though, she has mastered the art of sneezing carrots out her nose (very easy when your palate is still open). The kiddos also had tons of presents from Grandma Fines, Great Grandma and Grandpa, and Mamaw and Papaw!! It took forever to open everything and we had a huge mess, but all in all Christmas was a blast.

Adalynn's tooth is getting bigger and bigger everyday. It still is so weird that it is coming in on the top and behind her gum line. It is really on the hard palate (the ridge right behind your gums). We are still waiting to hear from the dentist to get an appointment in Atlanta scheduled. We did buy a toothbrush and baby toothpaste and have began the brushing game...see if we can find her tooth, brush it, not bump her palate or let her steal the brush, all before she sucks the yummy fruit flavored toothpaste off her brush. FUN FUN FUN!!!!

I have really enjoyed the past week off, but can't believe it is almost time to go back to school. We go back EXTREMELY early this year (January 2) UGH!! We have gotten a lot done though. The playroom has been cleaned (with 2 large boxes leaving for a future garage sale to make room for the new goodies). We also rearranged Broderick and Camden's room and organized the small library of books we own. We separated non-fiction from fiction, and then alphabetized the fiction books by author. It was definitely a huge task. Now we are going to head to Lowe's and get some baskets and paint sticks and use a library system...put in a paint stick when you take out a book-return the book and remove the stick. We'll see how long this lasts?!?!?

I have also been busy on the sewing machine. I made Adalynn a dress (and matching hair bow) and I made Camden and rag quilt. It was a lot of fun and really didn't take me as long as I ever imagined. I did learn that I need to be a bit more organized when putting the actual quilt together so I don't have too many of the same pieces touching. I guess I was just too excited about finishing it. Camden likes it nonetheless and has slept with every night since I finished it. It even has a C on it for him!

Thanks for checking in on us! We are going to enjoy our last couple days of break before life returns to normal (though I think we all have enjoyed this quiet, relaxing time a little too much) normal, may seem too hard after this break.

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  1. I'm envious, I can't sew at all. Jordan isn't too sure about solids yet herself. Her repair is in February so she's still wide open. And don't be surprised by food out the nose, Jackson is almost five and we still get slight surprises every so often (and to our knowledge he has no open spots). Strange huh?