Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I'm a Bad Mommy

I know, I know, why in the world am I on here on Christmas Day you ask???? Most of you are right...I'm pumping!!! 6 1/2 mos down, who knows how far to go. I have about 2 -3 mos stored up and I am down to only 4 pumps a day. YAY!!!! We have also been able to send 3 coolers of milk to the Mother's Milk Bank at Wake Med (yes there is such a thing). Click here for more information on "milk banking"

Well, the "I'm a bad mommy" title has nothing to do with that (that would be an "I'm a good mommy" post). But, I'm a bad mommy because I was clueless that Adalynn was getting her first tooth. It is about 50% in. UGH!!!! We attributed her continued fussiness to still being in pain from the palate repair. I guess it is good that we were still giving her Tylenol 1-2 times a day. I knew I felt something in her mouth the other day, but when I felt her gums...nothing, nada, no tooth or even bump of a tooth. So I attributed it to either being stitches or just a figment of my imagination. Well, there is no figment about it. She has her first tooth!!!! It is on the top towards the right hand side (I'll get a picture on here later). The weird thing is that it is not even in her gum-line, but very much behind it. Which explains why I felt it when she was chewing on my fingers, but then when I tried to find it (by feeling her gums) there was nothing.
I know that her mouth will probably be a mess because of the cleft, but I guess I was naive in thinking that it would only be on the cleft side. UGH...this is definitely not the cleft affected side. We are going to call the dentist at the Cranio-facial Clinic to see what he says. I'm sure it will eventually need pulled because of where it is located. We'll keep you posted.

Christmas Day was great. Camden is slowly feeling better each day, but still runs a fever if we don't keep Motrin and Tylenol in him. Broderick was very excited about the whole ordeal and ended up opening most of Adalynn's presents, the majority of Camden's presents (Camden was done after present #3) and he even opened some of mine and John's. We enjoyed a restful, relaxing day and both boys thought it was hilarious when we set down for dinner and we all still had our P.J.'s on. I did fix both a ham and turkey (Broderick's request) as well as green beans, homemade noodles, and sweet potatoes. When everything was finished cooking, I remembered the rolls...I guess we'll just have them another night. All in all, Christmas was good. Santa is great. And I think we sang Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus at least 3 times.


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