Friday, January 29, 2010

When Did it Happen???

How in the world did life pass us by so fast? I know everyday we are given is a blessing and no one is guaranteed tomorrow, but at what point did I become my parents age? The other day someone posted a picture on facebook of the marching band. It was from the year John and I met....1991. I can't believe that was almost 20 years ago! 20 years!!!! How did it happen?

And just last night I discovered that I am the same age that my mom was when John and I met. I wonder if my kids think I am as old as I used to think she was? As uncool? As annoying? Yes, I was a bit older than my own kids then....but still! So, is that why Broderick REFUSES to let me hug him in the hallway at school? He will barely say hello to me when he walks by when I am with the after school program. Am I that embarrassing??? Is it that horrible to see your mom at school?? I know I did the exact same thing! So, mom....I am sorry!!!

John and I will celebrate our 14th year of marriage this year, and our 19th year of knowing each other/being a couple! That is over half of our lives!    OVER    HALF     OF     OUR     LIVES!!!      And through all the those years, some better than others, we have loved each other. And this love has spilled over into our children, who love each other so much.....though sometimes they don't show it. Some years of marraige were better than others. Some years fly by and some seem to drag on forever. 2009 was a rough year for our family...way too many deaths, illnesses, and sadness.Yet, we made it through...you love each other and you make it. The blessings are always there, but sometimes they get overlooked. Although they may be right in front of your face, life blurs your vision and they get ignored.

This week marks the last week of January 2010...we didn't really make any New Year's Resolutions- I think they are way too over rated, but John and I have started working out, trying to eat healthier (more fruits and vegetables) and I have really tried to make an effort to see all of my blessings. After the frightening realizations this week that life is quickly passing by, I really know I need to cherish every minute. Just this week a 34 year old teacher in the school system I work in passed away. It was very sudden and although I didn't know him, it has still affected me. I need to make sure life doesn't blur my vision. I vow to live well,  laugh often, and love much and urge you to do the same thing. Cause I know, someday my little girl and little boys are going to come to same realization....they have become their parents and life is too precious to spend worrying, arguing, and wasting time!!! And the blessings are too numerous to be blurred out of our line of sight.

I love this man more today than yesterday (though I don't tell him often enough)... .and these kiddos are growing up WAY TOO FAST!!!

(Adalynn took this picture....wish it weren't cut off on the bottom, but thought it was worth sharing nonetheless).

Thank you for being a blessing in our life. May love surround you this year, may you always be able to see your blessings without life passing you by too fast!

Many Blessings,

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Re-cap

The month of December seemed to fly by. It started out with Camden loosing his first tooth! He was very nervous about it falling out and it seemed to hang on by a thread for about a week, but finally after a dinner including corn on the cob-out it came! Once it was out he was so excited!!! And even more excited at 6:00 the next morning when he discovered that the Tooth Fairy had visited him and left him "one dollar with a five on it!"

The month continued on going faster than ever. I really thought that not traveling this year would help us slow down and enjoy the holiday a bit more than usual, but it seemed like we still never slowed down. I think it is called "having three kids". We did get to visit a few more churches (still haven't found "the one") and we went to a great Christmas play called "The Journey". The kids loved it-as did John and I-especially the live animals and fire outside complete with Mary and Joseph actors.

We enjoyed our traditional steak Christmas Eve dinner and even invited Broderick's first grade teacher and her boyfriend over to join us (since they were not going anywhere for the holidays). We also continued our PA tradition of going out for ice cream, driving around looking at Christmas lights, and finishing the evening with a trip to the Ski Resort. One of these days we will do more than just sit in the parking lot and watch the skiers. Camden REALLY wants to go snowboarding....if it weren't just so expensive and SOOO dangerous I might share his enthusiasm.

We learned throughout the month of December that FedEx and UPS deliver at all times of the day (and into the LATE evening). And that they are super fast!!! I am convinced that  the drivers drop the box, ring the doorbell, and see if they can run away and drive off before the occupants of the house figure out what hit them. With us not traveling, we received A LOT of packages full of presents waiting to be opened. And do you know how hard it is to have to spend weeks just LOOKING at the growing pile of gifts underneath the tree? It is nearly impossible!!! Especially for Camden. I think he shook every single package under the tree.

And finally, it was Christmas morning. Adalynn didn't want Santa to come to her house. In fact she INSISTED that Santa not come to her house. Well, he didn't listen very well and Broderick and Camden knew he would come anyway. The boys were up before 7 and although Adalynn would have preferred to sleep a little longer they wouldn't let her and downstairs we went.

They were very pleased to find Wii games, Wii light sabers, and Wii pajama pants (Santa got a good deal on Wii stuff). Adalynn was excited to see a dollhouse, jewelry box, and her first Barbie! Santa only leaves three gifts per child and we stress the significance of these three gifts relating to the three gifts that Jesus received. And although not everyone agrees with teaching of the true meaning of Christmas as well as still allowing Santa visit, we happily do both. John participated in a very lengthy facebook debate about Santa being Satan....UGH SOME PEOPLE!!!! Santa visits our house AND we believe in the birth of Jesus Christ! I don't think we are alone!

I do think the most popular gifts were the Nerf Basketball Hoop and the deck of magic cards Broderick got in his stocking. The boys really like Adalynn's doll house and love pretending that it is Jaba the Hut's palace and fill the house with Star Wars guys (much to Adalynn's dislike).

And here they are....in all their unwrapping, tossing aside, oohing and awing glory.

so excited to get not one Indiana Jones....but two!!!!

isn't this the best shirt ever? Broderick LOVES it!!!!

I wish I had video of Camden opening this package. He was so excited to unwrap it and see Pancake and Sausage on a stick. He LOVES them....he was a little disappointed to open the box and see that I had just used the it to put clothes into. He would have been much happier if it was really the sausage things!
thanking daddy for the presents!

happily hugging Wii Resorts!

Broderick says "You fake boxed me Camden" as he discovers Night at the Museum II at the bottom of this box. Camden gets big hugs for getting Broderick this movie!


and the aftermath....look at this mess!!!!

And no Christmas is complete without Star Wars characters making an appearance in the Veggie Tales nativity scene.

And of course, you have to include pictures of new clothes and playing with their new toys!

And here is Adalynn using her new cooking set wearing her ballerina pajamas. These pictures were just too cute not to share.

Adalynn on New Year's Eve.....

And best wishes from us for a Happy New Year and may 2010 be filled with many blessings!!!!

Many Blessings,