Friday, July 6, 2007

Life at home...getting back to normal

We have been enjoying life at home. Broderick and Camden are adjusting to having a baby sister. They do great throughout the day, but by dinner time, I think they are a little...well a lot stir crazy. It has been so hot here, that we usually don't go outside until after dinner. There is only so much you can do inside, and between feeding and changing Addie and pumping breast milk for her my time is limited.

Camden does enjoy helping out with her anyway that he can. He loves to help feed her. I even walked in on him attempting to pick her up while she was laying on the floor. AACCKKK!!!! He has enjoyed pretending with a Cabbage Patch Kid that we purchased for Broderick when Camden was coming along. He puts "his baby" in the bouncy seat and swing, changes "his baby's" diaper, puts "his baby's" clothes on-and off, and carries "his baby" around by the belly button.
We enjoyed spending the Fourth of July with the Tadda family. The kids loved going to Bishop Park to watch the fire works. Broderick and Camden had a blast with the Poppers and Sparklers-THANKS MISTY!!! Adalynn looked adorable in her red, white and blue dress and slept through the entire fireworks display. The only bad part of the night, besides Camden spilling orange drink on the chair and the blanket, was sitting in the parking lot for an hour waiting to get out. Yuck! That meant we didn't get home until around 11:00, much too late for the boys to be up with such a big day the next day.
On the 5th, we had to wake up bright and early for Adalynn's follow-up appointment with the Cranio-facial team at Scottish Rite. Traffic wasn't too bad, but we still made it right on time. Broderick and Camden enjoyed playing in the very kid friendly waiting area. The occupational therapist was very happy with Adalynn's performance using the Haberman bottle-a bottle designed for cleft-affected babies, and the dietitian was happy with Adalynn's weight gain. She now weighs 8 lbs. and 2 oz. She has gained over a pound in 2 weeks-that is over an ounce a day!! We don't have to go back to the clinic for awhile, unless problems arise before her surgery-we pray that they don't.

After Adalynn's appointment, we were able to go the 4th floor of the office that Adalynn's appointment was at to the AFLAC Cancer Center to see Ryan, a student that was in my class. He is undergoing chemotherapy. Please be sure to visit his blog superryan.blogspot.com. The boys, Broderick, Camden, Ryan and another student in my class, Matt, enjoyed playing the Play Station, while John and I were able to visit with Ryan's parents, Missy and Les. Missy loved seeing Adalynn and you would have thought that she was the proud momma the way she enjoyed showing her off to all the nurses and doctors. The Morgan family is amazing and has been so supportive during my whole pregnancy-please be sure to keep them in your prayers and pray for a cure for this type of cancer to come in the near future.

After such a busy morning, we ended the day by visiting the world's largest aquarium-The Georgia Aquarium-in Atlanta. The boys had a blast and loved seeing all of the fish and other water animals. Of course, the highlights of the visit were seeing Dory and Nemo, as well and the largest fish-the Whale Shark. The aquarium actually has 4 of them. We also had a chance to visit the "touch pool" areas and touch sting rays, sharks, horse shoe crabs, see anemones, shrimp, and star fish! It was a busy day.

We will continue to keep you updated. Thanks for all of the supportive comments on the posts and messages on the daily chat. We can't believe our little girl will be 1 month next week and our littlest boy is turning 3 a week after that. Time is flying and boy are we having fun!

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