Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Getting Bigger Each Day

Adalynn is growing up sooo fast! I remember how anxious I was for Broderick to grow up. I wanted him to get bigger and do more each day. Now, with Adalynn I can't believe how fast it is flying and how I want her to stay little. She is a very strong little lady and has been holding her head up on her own for weeks. On Sunday evening, she decided that one easy way to get out of tummy time is to just get off of your tummy. SHE ROLLED OVER!!! John and I couldn't believe it. She did it again on Monday evening--so it is real and not just a fluke.
She also seems to have gained a lot of weight. Her newborn clothes are barely fitting and her 0-3 months are finally fitting great. We haven't even attempted anything bigger than that, but hopefully she will be there soon. She has way too many adorable summer dresses in the larger sizes. Her weight will be checked next week with her regular pediatrician-a suggestion from the cleft team at Scottish Rite. Her regular 2 month check-up is mid-August. She will get her first set of shots then.

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