Sunday, July 22, 2007

Go, Diego, Go--Camden turns 3

Camden woke up this morning wanting to know if it was time for his party. He couldn't wait for the "families" to get here so he could have his cupcake party. Not a birthday party, but a cupcake party. We spent the morning decorating the Baby Jaguar and Diego cupcakes. They were a little time consuming, but turned out very nicely. Camden was so excited when the first guests arrived. Heather and Jesse came with Heather's dad and her sister. Her dad and sister were visiting from Indiana and celebrating Heather's birthday with her (which is today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER). Our friends, the Durkees, and the Taddas were also able to celebrate this special day with us.

After a hot dog dinner (Camden's request), we played "Put the Spot on Baby Jaguar", ate the adorable cupcakes, and opened presents. Camden loved all of his Diego presents and wanted to share them with the person who got them for him. He didn't quite understand that they were for him. Heather and Jesse are opening a savings account for him and will do the same for Broderick and Adalynn. This is one present that I am sure Camden will enjoy in 15 years when he goes to college.

All in all, it was a simple, but fun day. We can't believe that Camden is already 3 years old. Wow-time really flies!

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  1. Camden: I like your cupcakes they are very cute. You did a good job on them. You looked like you had fun at your party. I liked yuor picture of you and your cupcakes. See you later. Love you MaMa