Sunday, July 15, 2007

Attempting to Go...and Failing

Well, we attempted our first major outing that required us to be somewhere by a certain time(besides doctor's appointments and such) and we failed. Allison, a friend, got married on Saturday just outside of Rome, GA-a 2+ hour drive. We were doing really good, we all got up early (8ish) on Saturday morning, I cut all 3 of the boys hair, ironed all of the clothes, John went to the office, and then grabbed lunch at McDonalds. We planned on leaving around 12:30 (the wedding was at 3).

Well, we walked/ran out of the house at 12:55. We remembered everything major...kids, changes of clothes, diaper bag, breastpump, bottles, etc. We did realize before we got to the end of our road that we forgot the camera, but we knew we were running too late to turn back. We get onto GA 316 and then I realize that I am not certain that I turned my straightening iron off. I finally (after debating it for several minutes) said something to John about it. He immediately did a u-turn and headed back home.

He ran back inside and checked-of course, it was unplugged! This gave him time to grab the camera and semi-clean up the mess the dog made (in the 10 minutes we were gone, he had gotten onto the kitchen table and knocked off the drinks leftover from lunch). Well, finally at 1:04 we were on the road for the second time.

The boys quickly fell asleep and the rest of the ride was uneventful (besides sitting in traffic through Atlanta too many times to count). We made it to the church-late but we made it!

We decided to head on in and attempt to sneak in. Yes, I know sneak into an already in progress wedding with 3 kids, impossible, but we were going to do it. Well, Camden had to go the bathroom and luckily there was one right when we walked into the church. I went ahead and took him in and John, Broderick and Adalynn waited in the foyer. Just as Camden and I are walking out of the bathroom, they are applauding and opening the sanctuary doors. Allison and Michael were married and we missed the whole thing. We were priveleged to be the first ones to greet them as husband and wife since we were waiting in the foyer as they came out.

We said congratulations and then headed to the reception. It was probably for the best anyways, kids can be kids at a reception and noise isn't an issue. We ate, celebrated with Allison and Michael, and then headed back to Athens.

Camden and Broderick split a frozen Coke on the way home and Camden had to go the bathroom 4 times, but finally, we made it. The boys were exhausted, as were John and I, and we all crashed. Adalynn, of course, did fantastic and looked beautiful in her white dress. John and I decided that we would let her break the "fashion don't" and wear white to someone else's wedding.

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