Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tubes, Extra Eyes, Teeth, Birthdays, Smiles, Milk Coming Out of Ears, and Peckers Wearing Underwear as Helmets

Yes, I know a very interesting title. Hopefully it got your attention though. Starting at the beginning....

TUBES/EXTRA EYES-Broderick successfully underwent surgery on Wednesday morning. He had tubes put in both ears for the second time (the first being when we was just over a year). We arrived at the hospital bright and early (6:15 a.m.). A huge thanks goes to Autumn for waking up super early to come and stay with Camden and Adalynn for us! They gave Broderick some medicine at about 6:45 to help relax him. Boy did it! He was hilarious. He was slurring his speech and smiling the entire time. He couldn't even sit up by himself or remember his sister's name. The nurse came to get him around 7:05 to take him back for his scheduled 7:15 surgery. 45 minutes later John and I were still sitting in the waiting room and getting very worried. They told us it would only take 15 minutes and he would be done. The nurse had come into the waiting room and gotten several other parents, but not us. Finally at 7:55, she came and got us. She said Broderick took FOREVER to wake up from the anesthia. When we went back to the recovery area he was still very out of it. He first wanted to know if it was time to get his tubes. We answered this question at least 3 times. He also was seeing double vision and told me that I needed to put away my extra eyes. He would lean forward and look at me and say "gone" -meaning the extra eyes, and then lean back and say "they're back, put them away". John and I laughed so hard! He finally began to be more with it and we were out of the hospital by 8:30. He was back to his normal self and he and Camden were rough-housing/playing before lunch time.

TEETH/BIRTHDAYS-Camden got to go to the dentist for the first time ever on Thursday. It was also his 3rd birthday! He was so excited about getting a new toothbrush at the dentist and talked about it all week. He loved getting his package in the mail from Mamaw and Papa and immediately put on his new monster truck shirt. We went out to dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse (his choice) on Thursday night and we will celebrate with a "Go, Diego, Go' party on Sunday with friends.

MILK COMING OUT OF EARS-Pumping is going very well and I am already developing quite a little freezer stash. We are beginning to wonder where to put it all. 400+ ounces is a lot and that is only in 5 weeks. Camden likes to help me and loves being read to while I pump. He will even ask "is it time yet?". Here is a picture of Camden helping me gather my pump parts. John asked him where the parts go and Camden responded with here-placing both horns onto his ears!
SMILES-This one is quite simple....Adalynn is smiling for real now-not just the sleepy baby smiles, but real ones. We love her "wide smile" as they call it in the cleft world. Did you know that 1 child in every 700 live births is cleft affected?

PECKERS WEARING UNDERWEAR AS HELMETS-The boys love their hockey sticks that daddy got them at a Thrasher's Game last year. They often play hockey in the kitchen with a stuffed puck. Last night they were playing hockey against each other. Camden had the bright idea to wear his underwear as a hockey helmet. Broderick quickly followed suit. Both boys then went upstairs and returned with socks on their feet (to help them skate) and on their hands (as gloves). Broderick then announced that Camden's team was the "Peckerliers" and his team was the "Peckers". They were too cute.

On a side note, my uveitis has flared up again. I am on a steriod eye drop as well as a dilating drop to help with the pain. I have a follow-up appointment next week to see if the drops are working. I will probably call my regular doctor and check with him about getting some bloodwork done to see if there are any underlying causes for the uveitis.

We apologize to anyone who read this post looking for something other than what was written. Plain and simple life at the Frye house, nothing more, nothing less!!!

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