Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer's End

Is it that time already??

Even with school just around the corner, the much cooler weather, and signs of fall all around us, I still hate to admit that summer is over. The kids go back to school on Tuesday, John started last week, and my classes started 2 weeks ago...but we are still not ready for summer to end.

Obviously we have had an eventful summer...some good, some not so good, and some really bad things have happened. Throughout all of these things though, the kids kept growing and changing. Here are some highlights that I may have forgotten over the past month or so....

Adalynn has been changed to a "monitoring" status through the Early Intervention Speech Program. As exciting as this sounds and as little speech services she actually received (once a quarter or every 3 months), I am very nervous about this.

She is definitely talking. Her favorite things to say are "oh yeah, baby" and "no mommy, I do'd it" and there is "I dunno" and you can't forget my favorite..."shake your booty". She has some nasality, but nothing too alarming and some of her pressure sounds (especially /t/) still sound a little off. But all in all, she is doing fantastic and it was decided that she no longer needed services. They will call me every month or so and check up on her and see if I have any new concerns.

Oh, and another exciting occurrence over the past few months is that WE HAVE HAIR!!!! Adalynn is slowly, but surely growing hair. It is still really curly and because it is thin, it doesn't look that long---but when you pull it up, the length is definitely there (especially on the crown). Break out the hair bows, barrettes, and pony-tails!!!

She is also well on her way to being potty trained. She has worn panties the past several days and only had a handful of accidents. Today she stayed dry until about 15 minutes before bed time. She did have two 'dirty' accidents, but did not tinkle in her panties until about 7:30 p.m. We even played outside for awhile (and she got stung) and she still did great! YAY ADALYNN!!!!

Some other big news in our house is that Broderick had his first "official" football game. We had a few scrimmages (the pictures are from those), but his first real game of the season was on Saturday afternoon. He was so excited and his 1st grade teacher came. Even more exciting was that his team tied with the other team, so he counts that as winning (they don't play overtime). He is getting better every practice and he is even playing with the possiblity of tackle football next fall. For those of you who were wondering, he is playing the line-that's what being the tallest kid gets you- left guard and right tackle. He loves it!

And the biggest news of all.....one baby boy is going to kindergarten and the other into second grade. We had a tour of the kindergarten center, met both of their teachers, and the boys are more than ready to go. Their clothes are already laid out and the new shoes have been calling their names for awhile. I can't believe these adorable little boys have turned into such a big kids! Watch out kindergarten----here comes Camden!!!!And second grade----are you ready for Broderick?

Many Blessings,


  1. You seriously have the cutest kids -- Adalynn's smile gets me everytime!! Glad to hear she is doing so well with her speech!

  2. Never a dull moment. Congrats on the dry diapers. I am SO looking forward to that day but I know I have a ways to go. Hope the kiddos have a great first day. So hard for me to believe I have a 5th grader and Kinder kid. I know it will really hit when Aiden starts school. Have a blessed week!!

  3. I agree - summer always seems to go by too fast. I love the picture of Adalynn in the tub! That hairdo is just too cute! And how exciting that Broderick is starting football. Matt already has plans for Gavin to play when he's old enough (that is, if he likes it).

  4. Yay for Adalynn's curly top!!! The spike in the tub is hilarious!

    Wow, Kindergarten. I remember reading your blog when Broderick was just going into Kindergarten. Or maybe that was first grade. At any rate, they're growing fast!

    Love the pic of you and your girl. So sweet.

  5. They are so stinkin' cute! I like that they start out playing flag football (only tackle football here). Hope the boys enjoy going back to school!

  6. Love them....so cute. Hope your start of the week is a great one. I know how hard getting back into those schedules can be. Hope all goes well, and I will be thinking about the boys as they begin a new adventure with school. How fun! Hugs to Adalynn.....and awesome news about speech. We are in the same boat, and I also have some reservations about not going. We will have to swap speech stories....and I love that she says shake your booty. Adorable. Take care this week, Shannon!