Friday, August 21, 2009

Camping Pics and a Medical Update

Despite the horrible rainstorms (times 3), a ridiculous amount of mud, a messed up dining canopy, and a slightly damp tent we ---eventually--- had a blast camping. We seriously considered packing up and going home after the first 10 hours of rain and not being able to get our dining canopy up. But the rain let up (briefly) and we discovered the wonders of duct tape in order to help with our dining canopy predicament so we decided to stick it out. I am so glad we did. The kids had a blast with only a few meltdowns, a couple mosquito bites, and lots of memories. Here are the photos of our amazing trip in a scrapblog. By the way, if you haven't tried it, it is tons of fun!!! One of these days I will actually get one printed!

(By the way, once we got home John looked up the rainfall amounts for where we went and over the course of our three day trip there was over 2 inches of rain! No wonder everything was wet!!!)

As far as the medical update, things have continued to stay interesting around here. I have been struggling with cloudy vision for the past week or so. Finally, I made an appointment with the ophthalmologist and found out that I have Uveitis again. This time in both eyes. I have probably had it for awhile, but because it presented itself differently I wasn't aware of it. Both eyes have developed keratic precipitates or little deposits of white blood cells all over (which is what is causing my vision to be cloudy). One of my pupils is also sticking and not dilating completely (so instead of being round, it is roughly heart shaped) so I am on a dilating drop 3 times a day in that eye. The steroid drops aren't bad, but the dilating drop makes my already cloudy vision extremely blurry (anyone who has had their eyes dilated knows exactly what I am talking about). I also just found out today that the pulmonary nodules on my lungs have not done anything since my first CT about 2 years ago. Because of this, there is nothing to worry about at this time and I don't have to have another CT! YAY!!!

I haven't been the only one to go to the doctor over the past week or so. Both Adalynn and Camden had their well checks. Adalynn's weight and height were 24.2 lbs and 36 inches and Camden weighed 42.4 lbs, but I forget how tall he was....I think it was 46 inches. She was in the 15% for weight and 75% for height and he was around the 50% for weight and 75% for height. Camden got 4 shots in preparation for kindergarten and didn't cry until shot #4 and Adalynn got one and didn't even whimper. She even asked for another "pokey" the next time we went back to the doctor (for Broderick-see below). Everything looks great for both of them and they both got a clean bill of health.

Broderick, on the other hand, hasn't been so lucky. He is battling a major infection on his bottom and is now on antibiotic #2. It is a staph infection (not MRSA) on top of a yeast infection (a.k.a. jock itch). He has been pretty miserable. He also had additional allergy testing (the actual under the skin tests) and found out that along with his severe pollen allergies, he is also allergic to dogs and dust mites. He had to be held down for these injections. We knew right away that both tests were positive when his arms began to welt and got very itchy. I thought he was going to lose it. He was really nervous about having to get rid of our dog. I assured him that we would not to do that. He is going to continue to take his 3 different allergy meds and we will be starting allergy therapy or immunotherapy (allergy shots) in the next few weeks. Hopefully it is successful! Camden will probably be on the same road considering he also has major allergies and is on the exact same meds as Broderick.

I think John has been the only one that has not been to the doctor over the past month. His turn is next though. He has to go for some blood work and then back to the doctor to check his cholesterol levels. He isn't completely out of the woods. Thanks for checking in on us and keeping our family in your continued prayers. At least the craziness that has been going on recently has been at home!


  1. When it rains it pours - in your case, literally and figuratively! :(

  2. Oh Shannon, it sounds like you have had quite a bit to deal with as far as doctor appointments go. I hope everyone gets better soon! But it sounds like you had a fun camping trip after the rainstorm. I can't wait to take Gavin camping! Love the pics! I'll have to try a scrapblog, too. Looks like fun!

  3. I pray that everyone is feeling 100% soon!! The scrapblog looks great. I am going to have to try that sometime, never heard of it before. Hope you have a blessed weekend.

  4. Love all the camping pics and love the scrapblog too! I finally worked on Drew's scrapbook last week. I made it though 6 months! I'm only doing one page per month, so hopefully I can get his first year done soon! Then I'm going to look into doing the pages digitally...

  5. Your camping pics are so cute. Hope everyone is on the mend soon....I know how that goes. Just as I think, "wow, we haven't been to the dr. in a long time," poof....we are there way more than I would like to be! Hope you all get well and stay well!!!!!!

  6. The scrapblog is sooo cool. I love it!