Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to School

Well, the first day of school has officially come and gone and the only one who cried was Adalynn....not mommy or daddy, not Camden, and definitely not Broderick (who has been asking for quite some time if it was time to go back to school).

Just Adalynn!

And not just a little fussing....but great big alligator tears. She DID NOT want Camden to get on that bus and leave her behind. She was fine saying good-bye to Broderick when he got onto the bus that morning, but later that day when it was time to put Camden on the bus, she was a mess.

Even I was okay with my baby boy going to school for the first time. Maybe because I have already done it once. Now, I will admit that I was a little bit sad, but definitely not as sad as the lady who walked by me with tears running down her face and went back to her car sobbing and not as sad as Adalynn....but I was sad.

They both had a fantastic first day and love their new teachers. We are excited for a great school year and are looking forward to seeing what is in store this year!

Our first day of school was definitely not an ordinary day. We had to wake up super early to take John to campus since his car decided to quit on him...no warning, no flashing lights...nothing! It just died (as he was going about 55 mph on his way home). UGH!!! And so I wouldn't be stranded at home carless on the first day of school, we drove him to his office. (Though Camden asked several times once learning we had to be out of the house super early, why daddy couldn't just ride his bike)....

So we were all up and out of the house by 7ish to drop John off. We came home with a few minutes to spare before Broderick had to go to school. Quick hair and teeth brushing and we were ready for pictures outside. Broderick had gotten so big over the past few months; it has been a little frightening. When I look at these pictures I realize just how fast he is growing up....

and at the bus stop with our neighbor (and his "best friend") Wyatt.

Camden, Adalynn, and I walked back home. We played for a bit, cleaned a little, and ate some lunch. Then it was time for Camden to go to school. He was so excited!!! And Adalynn was too!!! She still didn't understand what was going on.

Waiting for a late bus on your first day of school is NOT easy....he was soooo excited and the bus was sooooo late (like 20 minutes late).

I couldn't even get him to slow down long enough for me to get a good picture of him getting onto the bus. But here he is waiting for the bus with our other neighbor and his "best friend" Reesie and another of him sitting with her roaring to go!

And it was then Adalynn realized Camden was leaving on the bus and the bus was leaving without her. She was so sad.

We walked the half-mile back to our house and Adalynn was very quiet. I thought she might be on the verge of going to sleep-since it was about her nap-time-but I think she was processing everything. The minute we stepped inside the door and she was alone she really let loose. Such a sad little girl!

 She took a great nap (amazing how good you sleep when there aren't two screaming brothers to wake you up). And before long it was time to get the boys off the bus. Broderick was first around 3:45 and then Camden got off about 4:25.

I got a better picture of him getting off of the bus, but you can tell how excited he still was.

Then some quick shots of the boys together (Camden was still in pajamas when Broderick left that morning). Here they are sporting their new school clothes, backpacks, and matching tennis shoes.

And then we were back off to Kutztown, to pick John up from campus. We ate a fantastic corndog dinner in the car since we then had to go straight to football practice. Needless to say, we were running ragged by that evening. I tried to get a picture of Camden wearing his "I Survived My First Day of Kindergarten" hat-but this was the best I could get. I think everyone felt like this!

We took John to campus that next day and then he drove himself on Thursday (since he would be home early). Thank goodness we heard from the shop and we were able to pick his car up on Thursday night and life has returned somewhat to normal.

For those of you who were wondering....the fuel pump went out in his car and dropping a gas tank and trying to repair it yourself pretty much sucks . We did it at home (yes, WE.... I was under the car and helped too!!!) Our neighbor came out and helped....I think his wife felt sorry for me laying on the ground and attempting to help. John ended up spending about 5 hours doing changing both the fuel pump and the fuel filter, got everything hooked back up and the stinkin' car still wouldn't start. So off to the shop it went. I guess one of the prongs on some cord of the pump was bent...so we did the bulk of the work and the shop bent a prong back. And they're the ones who get paid.

The weekend was busy as well. Friday and Saturday with both yucky with lots of rain and Camden's first soccer game was canceled. Broderick's Saturday game was moved to Sunday. So we went to Rodale Organic Farm and picked apples. Wish we would have gotten some pictures, but because of all the rain, we thought it best not to get the camera wet.

Sunday was beautiful, so we definitely took the camera to football and although we didn't get many good pictures of Broderick playing (HAVE to get a longer lens) I did get a few great ones of our sweet little girl in her Colt's jersey and a hair bow that I made almost 2 years ago. 

and about two years ago....when she first wore this bow....

wow.....time really does fly!!!! 
Many Blessings,


  1. Poor Adalynn -- but that is so sweet that she loves her brother that much!

    I use to be a Ram's fan, but since they have been doing really bad here lately, I may have to start cheering for the Colt's since they are the next closest team to us!

  2. poor baby, is she use to it now?? I was worn out about reading of all your walks to the bus stops....4x a day, guess you get your workout in:)

  3. Love, love all the pictures. You're camera is great! Poor Adalynn...Sawyer was looking at your post with me and asked "aww, why that girl crying?" She is SO cute with all that curly hair and the headband bow. How'd you make it? And that squooshed up nose when she smiles is adorable. Love the boys in their new school gear!

  4. First off: Which kind of camera do you use? All your pictures are so crisp and bright. LOVE THEM!

    Aiden has had a hard time adjusting to Andrew and Alexis being back in school. They get so used to having each other home even when they did bicker and fight half the time you know they miss them when they are gone.

    Adalynn looks so cute with her curly hair and headband. Her hair is really starting to grow in pretty fast. I miss the cute headband phase. Now I am lucky if Alexis lets me brush it, let alone do something cute with it. Oh well.

    Hope you and the entire family have a blessed week. :)