Wednesday, March 25, 2009

and we're off ...

As I write this, I am sitting in the airport with John in North Carolina waiting for our connecting flight to Las Vegas. John has a conference and I decided to tag along...can't have him going to Vegas alone :) The kids are with my mom back in Pennsylvania and I have only called home 4 times since we left this morning around 7. The last time John and I went away without kids was when Broderick was about 19 months old. Needless to say, I am a little worried.

This has been planned for awhile, but I guess I just forgot to mention it. I can't wait to be there (neither of us have ever been), but I am very nervous about leaving the kids. We will be back on Saturday, so it is a short trip. I will update with photos when we get back.

We fly out around 1 today, but we just found out that it is overbooked by 20 people, so it may end up being later than that, but we plan on being in Vegas sometime early this evening. I plan on updating facebook (love it!!!) with mobile photos, so if you have access to that-check me out there....it not, here we are:


Thanks for checking in on us.


  1. You will have such a good time. I've never been either, but I know that just having this time away from the kids, just the two of you, is HUGE! I know it's hard, but it will also be so great for you both!

    I just realized I never commented on the green Adalynn pics. They are adorable! And the boys in the mud, how fun!

    Love to all,

    Allison, Abby, Ella and Nick : )

  2. Its 2:20 Pennsylvania time and I passed your mom at the bus stop a little while ago .. Adalynn noticed me and waved ... so adorable! Hope you got on your original flight and that you have a great trip. Should I even bother to say that I'm jealous .. a trip without kids .. wow!

  3. Hope you guys are having a fantastic time! How wonderful that your mom came to stay with the kids, I bet they will have lots of fun too! I know how hard it is to leave the kids but WOW! to get away is such a great thing!