Friday, March 13, 2009

SnowMudball fight

Yes, you read correctly....the boys had a snowmudball fight!

We sent them outside last Saturday morning to play. We knew it was muddy from all the snow that melted and made sure that they had on old clothes and shoes. They were supposed to be enjoying the 70° weather.Maybe playing football, soccer, riding their bikes or just running around the yard. They had other plans though :)

John and I were inside and he happened to glance out the window just in time to see a huge ball of mud flying through the air. Of course, as mom, my initial thought was to run outside and start yelling. John said at least let him have time to get a picture first. Once the camera came out and I really saw how much fun they were having, I couldn't be mad anymore!

Camden truly thought he was in trouble though-hence all the very sad face pictures and even tears. He also realized (once we got outside) how dirty he was. Adalynn watched for a little bit and even stepped out into the yard for a few seconds, but quickly retreated to the safety of the deck. She was NOT interested in participating in their snowmudball fight! Such a little lady already!

They had fun and continued to throw mud at each other for quite awhile. They made a huge mess and Broderick's white t-shirt was ruined, but they had a blast and that is all that matters. I have the photos to prove it!

boys will be boys!


  1. Fun! My brother and I used to play in the mud all the time as little kids!

    Less than 5 more weeks to go...

  2. Love it!! That last pic where he is looking up at big bro is priceless. And way to go mama on holding back the desire to stop it all. i would have had a hard time with that.

  3. Looks like they had a ball.

  4. Hahaha! Love it, Shannon!! What could honestly be more "boy"? I'm sure it was more fun than videogames and you have some priceless pictures for when they're older ;) I just hope I don't see that teary face from Camden when he sees me dressed up!! :)

  5. You are an awesome mom! How cool is this????

  6. That looks like a ton of fun! Glad the boys got to enjoy being outside!