Wednesday, March 18, 2009

always late.....always something....

Well, I was going to submit one of these photos for this week's I heart faces contest, but because of an unexpected incident yesterday, I am too late and can't enter. UGH!!!!

The theme this week was "green" and the photo had to have some sort of green in it. Click on the link to see more "green" photos!!!

Well, here they are anyways! I guess since I was having trouble deciding and I can't really enter I will show you all the pictures. Next week is no flash week...these might work for that too. John actually took these--although I usually do most of the picture taking :)

(Thanks to our neighbor, Danielle, for the yummy St. Patrick's Day cupcakes).

And about the unexpected incident....I found out the hard way that you can actually break your finger if you slam it in the door of a van. Ouch!!! I am in a splint for the next 4 weeks and in a lot of pain. No fun!!! But, honestly, I can't blame anyone but myself. Stupid me shut my own finger in the car door. Like I said....always late....always something.


  1. Adalynn looks good in green .. and she has gorgeous eyes! Hope you feel better soon Shannon .. no fun!

  2. Sorry to hear about the finger. OUCH!!! Her eyes are awesome. I think my fav is the last one. For some reason that one just really sticks out at me. I hope that you have a blessed week and that your finger heals quickly.

  3. What awesome pics of your little cutie!!