Sunday, March 30, 2008

Night at the....

No-not the Museum (although that is Broderick's favorite movie right now)Yes-Night at the Emeregency Room. We spent the night at the ER. Adalynn began vomiting again late Saturday night-it was very green looking and a little frightening. She also had very few wet diapers and was a bit on the lethargic side, so we headed off to the ER. She was diagnosed with acute vomiting and moderate dehydration so they started an IV to push fluids into her. Her dehydration was more obvious at the ER than what it had been at home. She had very "flat veins" meaning not much blood supply in them since she was so dehydrated, so it took three tries in three different spots to get a vein that would hold and that they didn't go through. The dehydration was also very apparent when the nurse put a catheter in to get a urine sample (to rule out a UTI as the cause of the vomiting) and she got very little urine. It was enough to rule out a UTI though. They also did a chest/neck X-Ray to rule out a foreign body causing the vomiting. It came back clear.

So, I guess Adalynn just has a nasty stomach bug after all. Even after all the fluids, she still didn't have a wet diaper by the time we left the hospital. We finally made it home around 6 a.m. this morning. They did prescribe an anti-nausea medicine and that has helped through out the day with her keeping fluids down. She has still vomited a couple times, but not nearly as bad as it was. She has had several bottles today and seems to be feeling better. I know it is hard to believe, but a wet diaper is a pretty exciting thing today.

We were very thankful that our friends, Heather and Jesse, had the boys for the weekend. They enjoyed a beautiful day at Zoo Atlanta. I can't wait for the pictures...I will post some when she sends them to me (hint, hint Heather=}). She said that Camden was in awe of everything and just wanted to stop and stare. Broderick, on the other hand, had the "okay, we saw it. What's next?" attitude. Both boys agreed that their favorite part of the day was when the elephant was scratching his rear-end on a rock. Imagine that?!?!?

Now, daddy is starting to feel sick...I'll keep you posted.


  1. Sorry Adalynn has been so sick. She must be miserable. I hope you guys can get some sleep and Adalynn has a better night.

  2. Oh poor baby. There is nothing worse than a sick little one. Hope she's feeling better soon!

  3. Ohhhhh no. So sorry you have had to go through this. It's harder on Mom and Dad sometimes than the little ones, I think. Bless her heart. I hope Adalynn is feeling better soon and that you all doing well. Do take care....and congrats on coming north again soon! We will welcome you with open arms!!!!

  4. I hope you are all better soon! We went through this one about 8 weeks ago, also taking Abby in to the ER. It's no fun, as you know. Feel better soon!