Saturday, March 15, 2008

9 month Check-Up

Adalynn was excited about her 9 month check-up...NO SHOTS!!! She stayed right on her little curve on the growth chart. She hovers around the 25% in weight (now at 16 lbs 14 oz) and the 75% in length (now 28 inches). Her pediatrician was excited about her development. Crawling, standing, and cruising are all right on track. Although mommy and daddy are a little concerned with her attempts at making various sounds, the doctor said she is still doing fine. Adalynn easily says mamamammamamam and yayayayayayaya, but we still don't have babbabababababa or dadadadadadadada. I guess we'll just wait and see. He did say he will be a little quicker to refer her to speech therapy, but as of right now-there is nothing to worry about. She did have some fluid in her ears, despite the tubes. He told us to start putting the antibiotic drop in, just to be safe. I guess, this is her first "ear infection". This could explain the fussiness and sleeplessness over the past few nights. Hopefully the drops will help and she will start sleeping better. She ends up moaning and groaning all night long and nobody gets any sleep unless John takes her downstairs. I say John, because his schedule is a lot more flexible than mine and I am up at 5:15 every morning in order to pump and get ready for school.

Some exciting news on the job search is that John has been offered positions at two different universities. We are still discussing all of our options and trying to decide what will be best for our family and our future, but it appears as though he will accept one of them and we will be moving. YAY....I think. We'll keep you posted-we should have a final decision in the next few weeks.

Adalynn is getting better and better at feeding herself, not only her bottle but at meal times too! Her diet consists of more and more table food (which is great, since she fights us when we try to feed her baby food). I guess baby food is harder for her to eat because she ends up with most of it in her nose and then she just gets mad. Table food, being more solid, is easily swallowed and stays down. Some of her favorite foods are diced carrots, peas, green beans, Gerber puffs, peeled grapes (yes, it is possible to peel and quarter a grape), strawberries, frozen waffles, black beans, flour tortilla, mashed potatoes (with gravy, of course), rice, and pasta. We are trying new foods all the time. She has tried a tiny bite of meat loaf, chicken, and meatballs but meats are a little harder for her to mash. She does have 5 teeth now (4 appear to be in the correct location in her mouth-only that first tooth is 'off'). Tonight, I leave you with Adalynn's first experience with pasta and marinara.

and for those of you that voted. Most everyone got it on the nose.
#1 Camden, #2 Adalynn, and #3 Broderick. Don't they each look so different, yet so much alike?


  1. Great news on the well baby check, aside from the fluid on her ears.

    Love the spaghetti pics. And heck, if she's able to eat real people food, it sure saves ya money on buying baby jars of food! :)

  2. Spaghetti fun! Wow, Lily is almost 11 months and still hasn't had that... but Lily is my first and I am still confused about what she can and can't eat!

  3. Very cute pics, Abby's favorite is spaghetti too!