Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Who's Next???

John is fine....he went to bed and woke up feeling a lot better.
Broderick on the other hand, began vomiting tonight right after I brushed his teeth. He didn't eat his dinner and kept complaining that his stomach hurt, but said it would come and go. So far Camden and I are fine. Not sure who's going to be next.

UGH!!! I hate the waiting game!

Adalynn is doing better and better each day. She is smiling, crawling and acting more like normal. She has learned a new trick...she can successfully blow things out her nose without sneezing. She makes the cutest faces while doing so. She did vomit again this evening---we have a recheck with the doctor on Thursday and I will let you know what he says.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for John's mom who underwent a procedure today and that her labs come back clean and for Ryan (my student last year)-he is undergoing a procedure on Thursday related to the relapse of neuroblastoma that he has been battling for the last year. John's grandma also needs prayers as she recovers from a broken neck. And last but not least, for our family as we try to steer clear of this nasty stomach bug and get well at the same time.

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