Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Surgery #3 is scheduled

I know, I am as surprised as you are. I thought the plastic surgeon was going to wait to see if the fistula would affect her speech before he decided whether or not to close it...but I guess since most of her meals are coming up through her nose, he decided now would be better than later. Adalynn's palate will be closed for a second time in mid-May. This time it is just outpatient surgery. The procedure should only take 20 minutes at max. and we should be home the same day. YAY!!!!! I just pray it goes as smoothly as he predicts. He said that 2-3 stitches should easily close it.

By the way, I had to brave Atlanta traffic by myself. We have lived here for 3 1/2 years now and this was the first time I have ever driven to Atlanta. Thank goodness for the GPS or I probably wouldn't have made my way home without stopping for directions. Broderick went with me and loved helping me with the navigation.

"Turn right is dot 1 miles, mommy".

"Okay, Broderick"

"turn in 400 feet, 300 feet, 200 feet, 100 feet...turn NOW mommy" (as he is watching and reading the screen)

"okay Broderick"

Broderick had a blast on awards day and it is evident by the way he raced across the stage when one of his teachers called his name. YAY Broderick!!! He received Merit Roll (good grades), People Respecting Others (behavior), and Perfect Attendance. We are so proud of his accomplishments this year in kindergarten.

Other news to update...Adalynn has pink eye. She is pretty miserable and it is hard to explain to a baby not to rub your eyes. The pediatrician gave us enough eye drops for whole family since it is more than likely that she will end up spreading it to everyone. I had a student in my classroom with it, so more than likely I brought the germs home from there. I guess this isn't bad though, it was her first doctor's visit that wasn't a well-baby check. I'll take pink-eye anyday over ear infections, colds, etc.

I have included a lot of photos in this post. I know you like them!

Everyone: Be sure to check out the on the move photos. She is getting closer and closer to officially crawling. She is successful and moving now, but it isn't graceful by any means. Maybe she is going to take after her mommy? Chase isn't so sure of a moving baby though and takes some time out of his busy schedule to observe her :) She also has recently discovered that her hands make an amazing noise and spends a lot of time showing off her new skill. And yes, if you look closely in the 3rd photo, you will see TWO bottom teeth. That brings the count up to 3 teeth. The bottom ones look very normal. YAY for that!

Grandmas: Be sure you read her shirt "Grandma Loves Me" Isn't that the truth (thanks mom for the adorable outfit).
Aunt Jessica: I am not sure if you check this or not, but I put some photos on her for you. Isn't she adorable in her Nike outfit and I think the "I Don't Have to be Good, I'm Cute" suits her well. Don't you think? Thanks!!!

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  1. While another surgery so soon is hard, it's better to get that fistula repaired now, so you don't have to wait to see if her speech is affected. Sorry to hear her food is coming through her nose. :(

    LOVE the pic of her nose to nose with the dog. :)