Saturday, February 23, 2008

Meet My Friends

Howdy y'all...yes, it is me, Adalynn, speakin'. Bein' down here in the south is really startin' to take a toll on the way me and my lil' brother tawlk. :) Well, I was just fixin' to check on all my cyber-friends websites and wanted to take a minute to introduce you to them all. Be sure you check them out!!!

First off is Rachel...she was the first we met. She was born with the exact same type of cleft as me.
Next, meet Zoe. I am not sure how mommy found Zoe, but we love reading about her adventures with her big sister.

And now, here is Abby and Lily. Mommy met them through an on-line message board just for cleft lips/palates. They are just a little bit older than me.


and Lily-

And here is Jackson and Jordan-they are brother and sister (both born with a cleft lip and palate). Mommy found them on the message board too. She loves those ladies and they are great company while mommy pumps.


Jordan-and here is a few pics of my newest friends.

Ian-he is using the same Craniofacial Clinic as Adalynn.

and Reid. Just like Ian (above) he has a bi-lateral cleft lip and palate (meaning it is on both sides). They will both have surgery in the next few months so definitely check their pages to see their progress.
and this is the final one-baby Abigail. She will be born in the next few months, and just like my mommy and daddy, her parents found out about her cleft during a routine ultrasound. Please check on her blog and welcome her to the world.

Mommy was able to contact most of my friends and ask for their permission to share their beautiful faces-but if for some reason you don't want your picture on here, please let my mommy know and she will fix it. On the same note, if I missed someone (and you check in on us) please remind me and I will add your picture.

We all belong to a special club and mommy and daddy feel so happy knowing they are not alone on this journey. Thanks for checkin' in on me and all my special friends.


  1. What a special group of people to know. And to think we would have never been able to meet you without Abigail. She has already blessed us. Thank you!

  2. Very cool Shannon! That's so great to include all the little cuties!

  3. Look at how stinkin cute all those kids are!

    I know I'm blessed to have had you find me through Rachel's Journey!

  4. Thanks for adding the wonderful pictures to your site! What little blessings we all have! We are so lucky to "know" you all! Hugs to you all!!!!

  5. Shannon,

    your blog is awesome. I came across it from Iantimothy's blog. And your little "A" is so adorable.

    I have 2 little boys both who were born with clefts. How lucky you get to have playdates with all these other kids and moms. Sounds like you guys have a great cleft network down there.