Friday, February 15, 2008

Mr. Mike says "Be Kind to One Another"

The title of this post comes from a comment made by Camden the other day while John and I were discussing something-I can't even remember what it was (if that tells you anything). Broderick calls these types of discussions "talk fighting". Mr. Mike (the minister of music at our church/Camden's preschool) did a lesson on this that must have had an impact on Camden. We try to maintain our voices, but I guess they both have read into it and understand it more than we give them credit for. Well, Camden's wise words opened both of our eyes. We are striving to follow his directions.

Needless to say, the past week has been crazy (probably resulting in most of the "talk fighting"). John had his interview in Kutztown, PA on Tuesday and got home late Tuesday evening. He leaves again on this Tuesday for a Wednesday interview in Boone, NC at another Univeristy. The babysitter and her daughter have been sick with the flu, making child care a joke this week. We are praying that Adalynn and Camden stay healthy and neither of them get it. I even have a child in my classroom that had it, so keep your fingers crossed that we all stay healthy.

Other news this week, is that Adalynn is FINALLY crawling. She isn't great at it and tends to look like an inch worm doing it, but she is moving across the room. She pushes with her feet and then pulls with her arms. I guess it is modified army crawling. She also will briefly stand up on her own (without us holding on to her). I can predict that she will probably be walking well before either of the boys ever did. She can easily pull up to her knees and feet if given the chance. She isn't tall enough to use the coffee table yet, but I'm sure she'll figure that out before we know it.I made an attempt to get a picture of all three of them looking at the camera at the same time. Hah!! That was a joke. It was fun trying and we got some great pictures of them...maybe I will try to figure out how to cut and paste them together.

......and I leave you with a picture from our Bahamas cruise (taken a year ago this week). Boy, do I wish I were on a cruise right now!


  1. Hi Shannon, Hope this week is a little less crazier for you guys. LOVE all the pics of the kids. They are so adorable!

    Have a blessed and relaxed weekend! :)

  2. Hello! Adalynn is getting sooooo big!!
    yay for crawling!

  3. Aww! Sure! Please post a photo of Zoe!

  4. What adorable pics! I love them. The kids are just too cute! Please feel free to post a picture of Reid. Post away!!!! Have a super day!!!!!

  5. Of course you can!! Lily would be honored!!
    What are you doing?

  6. also... how do you do the permanent stuff at the top of your page? I am starting my hair blog again and want to post important business info at the top each time! Thanks!