Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We've Been Busy!!!

It has been a very busy week. With me starting back to school, parent-teacher conferences, several fall festivals, a date night, my birthday-yes, I'm now officially 30, fall break (for Broderick and I) a 6 year old check-up, and Broderick's final t-ball game ....well, we've been busy to say the least.

I went back to work last Tuesday. I really seem to have a great class. It is complete opposite of last year (in make-up, last year's class was great too). This year I have 12 girls and 6 boys...last year it was flipped and believe me it makes a huge difference. The kids all seemed very excited to have me back, but definitely a little sad to say good-bye to their long term sub. She really did a great job! I was very blessed to have such a terrific, experienced person taking my place for the 9 weeks I was off. We had school on Tuesday and Wednesday and the students had a half day on Thursday. The second half of the day was spent on parent-teacher conferences. My long-term sub was kind enough to volunteer and came back to help me with the conferences. I was at school until 6 p.m. YUCK!!!! My body is still getting used to my new pumping schedule and I have already seen a decrease in my milk supply, but even with the decrease I am still freezing 25 ounces every 2-3 days. I was freezing that amount everyday, so it scares me...but I still have a freezer full of milk and still producing more than what Adalynn eats-so it's fine!

We did go to two fall festivals last week. One was at church on Wednesday night and the other at the Fire Station. The boys had a blast and Adalynn looked adorable in her Berry Fairy costume. Broderick was a scary ninja and Camden wore his Frankenstein costume on Wednesday night and was Jack Jack from Incredibles at the fire station. Be sure to take a good look at their eyes in the close-up shot...total opposites! Camden is Mr. Blue Eyes, and Broderick has gorgeous hazel eyes (like his mommy).

On Friday night my friend Misty surprised me with a fantastic early birthday gift. She came bearing balloons, gifts, and even a gift certificate for a restaurant. She also said she would be back to get the kids later that evening as well as a house key and that John and I are to enjoy our evening. So she came back around 5 and took the kids to her house and then brought them back home and put them to bed. John and I went out to dinner, to the movies, and Wal-Mart too :)! It was a much needed break after such a crazy week at school.

Broderick and have been enjoying some quiet time on our Fall Break (since Friday). I return to school tomorrow for a teacher work day and Broderick goes back on Thursday. Broderick had his 6 year old check-up on Monday and weighs just over 62 pounds. He is almost 4 feet 2...still off the charts in both height and weight (and has been since 2 mos old). He is the size of an average 8 year old. Based on his height and weight as well as the height of John and I, it is projected that he will be 6'2" when he is fully grown. WOW! I can't imagine looking up to my son. Broderick got the flu-mist as well as another shot (Hep. A...I think). He did great with both!

Camden stayed home today with a yucky cough and Adalynn has a slight runny nose. The first cold of the season. UGH! The weather has definitely changed and John even turned the furnace on last night for the first time all season. Please pray that both recover quickly. Also, continue to pray for Ryan as he prepares for his stem-cell harvest and for decisions his family must make concerning his treatment. On a different note, please pray for rain as the state of Georgia is facing a major water crisis and a level 4 drought.

Thanks for checking on us!


  1. Busy is right! Your date night sounds like fun! Glad you had such a good friend to do that for you!

  2. halloween is so fun!! your kids are soo cute!
    lily was a little piggy, but i can't get photos to load to my blog with my new computer :0( to show everyone! good luck being back to work - i know it is an adjustment!

  3. Well for jaron's palate surgery he was in the OR for 5 hours and was on morpine the first 24 hours and tylenol with codiene thereafter. He wanted to be held all the time and feeding was different. We used the ross nipple with a mead johnson bottle. He was on the pigeon preop and the surgeon doesn't like anything touching the palate for 6 weeks so we went to the ross and squirted the milk into his mouth that way. He seemed pretty much back to normal in a week or so after surgery. Hope this helps some.