Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Not much to update on...but wanted to let you all know that I have RECENTLY discovered that it is much easier to be a stay at home mom to 3 kids, than a working mom. Don't get me wrong, I really love my class this year. They are GREAT, but evenings are very hectic and I don't feel like I ever get caught up. Hopefully it will get better. Right now it is a little too stressful for comfort.

The photos are from Halloween Night and trick-or-treating, the UGA Homecoming Parade, and Sunday (during the Colts game...which we won't talk about). Also there is a video of Broderick singing in the preschool choir at church. He did a great job. Broderick also has an ear doctor's appointment this week. The pediatrician noted that there is still a major hearing loss in his left ear...just like mommy's! Another big happening is that he got his first report card this week. He did great. On Friday, there is an awards ceremony at his class and he is getting Merit Roll (good grades), PRO (People Respecting Others-behavior award), as well as Perfect Attendance.

Adalynn is doing FANTASTIC and her lip is very much healed. There are a couple of stitches left, but for the most part everything is gone. She has recently discovered that a full nights sleep is amazing and has slept in her own bed ALL night long for the past two nights making mommy and daddy very happy. She loves going to Ms. Bridget's house and is adjusting well. Her pre-op for the palate surgery is at the end of this month and surgery is December 10th. That being said, we have decided not to travel to Indiana for Christmas, but we will make the trip at Thanksgiving. When I told my dad we were not coming "home" for Christmas, he responded...no, you will be staying home. We are very excited to be at our own home for Christmas, but sad not to be spending it with extended family. John's parents, as well as my mom, will probably be coming down for the palate surgery-so the boys may have Christmas with them (just a little early).

Thanks for checking on us.

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