Friday, October 12, 2007

We're 3 for 3!

Well, it's official! Adalynn will make us 3 for 3. She has to have ear tubes!!! Broderick is now on his second set (first at 13 mos, second at 5 1/2). Camden had his put in at 8 months old, and Adalynn will get hers at 6 months old. They will "piggyback" (as they called it) with her palate surgery. She and I traveled to Atlanta to meet with the E.N.T. and they determined both ears were full of fluid. She hasn't had an ear infection, yet-knock on wood, but babies without a palate are notorious for having ear problems. I guess that means she is doomed. If she takes after me (like Broderick and Camden do when it comes to ears), then she would have had to have tubes regardless of the cleft issues. The tube that allows fluid to drain from the ears is somehow attached to the muscle that controls the palate (which for her, more or less, does not exist). So the fluid is just sitting in her ears. The audiologist did two hearing tests and she failed both (despite passing them at birth). We just pray that she continues to stay healthy and does not get any ear infections between now and the surgery date, but that is probably unlikely, especially since she will start at the baby sitter's house soon.

On another note, she has discovered her feet. She lifts them up and grabs for them all the time. It is very cute. She hasn't quite figured out how to get them into her mouth, but that is coming soon. She does still seem a little sore and really hates it when we massage her knot (which you can kind of see in the photo), but we are massaging it several times each day. We are also using Vitamin E oil as well as a steroid cream on the actual incision site to help minimize scarring.

We continue to stay busy. Broderick has been introduced to "chores" and has a list of things he has to do each afternoon before he is allowed to play on the X-Box. John's parents and nephew Brandon let us have it since they are upgrading to a 360. John and Broderick are loving it. Broderick comes home every afternoon and goes to his list and immediately starts doing his jobs. I wish I could make a similar list for John, but I don't think that would go over to well. School, for both boys, is going great and Camden is convinced that every time he sees the letter "C", it just has to be his name. He is enjoying his friends and talks non-stop about having a birthday party so they all can come, especially since we are getting ready for Broderick's party (he'll be turning 6 next week).

Be sure to check back soon for birthday pictures. It's a costume party and it should be a blast (yes, John and I are dressing up too). Thanks for checking in on our family. If you get a chance, check Ryan's blog to read about the latest happenings in his life. I really appreciate everyone praying for not only our family, but his also. He really is an amazing little man with a great mom, dad, sister and brother.


  1. Your family is beautiful. I am glad to know that my website has helped others in some way. That is why I started it. To let other moms know that the cleft won't ruin your life. I wanted people to see how normal a child is with a cleft. Just because he looks different doesn't mean he is. I added a slide show like yours, last night. Check it out, when you can.

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment on Rachel's blog. I always treasure 'meeting' other cleft affected families. It always helps tremendously to know others on the same journey.

    And with that said, that video montage of pictures of your little sweet Adalynn, brought me to tears. My tears were of joy and thankfulness of how far we've come. The pictures of your little boy sitting beside you feeding his own baby while you fed her with the Haberman, priceless. So many of the pictures were ones I'd taken at the beginning of Rachel's Journey.

    I'll be bookmarking your site and visiting often!


    Adalynn is absolutely beautiful.