Monday, October 8, 2007

Busy Days Ahead!!!

We can't believe that 3 weeks ago today she had her surgery. We are so amazed at how quickly she has recovered. Her new smile is adorable.

She is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Everyone comments on how she hates to be held like a baby. She has to be upright and watching the world. Even when she is lying on her back she tries to sit up. She also loves to stand and does a great job at holding her own body weight up. We recently brought the exersaucer and Johnny Jump-up down from the attic. We can't believe she is big enough for these things already. She loves the exersaucer!! She isn't so sure about Camden spinning her around in it, but so far, no one has gotten hurt!

Adalynn looked adorable last Sunday wearing her Colts gear and watching the game with daddy. John was a little disappointed this Sunday when he found out the game wasn't going to be televised down here. But, on a positive note all the other games have been, so this was the first one he missed. The bad part was, that it was his birthday and he really wanted to watch the game. He also requested BW3's wings...so he didn't get anything he wanted! Poor John!

I will be going back to work in about 2 weeks. I can't believe that it is time already. I am excited to get to know my kids, but at the same time worried about it being too hectic and too much work. I hope I am able to continue my pumping schedule at work and make the milk Adalynn needs. I did recently donate hundreds of ounces to the Milk Bank at Wake Med in North Carolina (yes, there is such a thing as a milk bank). We had to do something...our chest freezer was full of frozen breast milk-over 2000 oz!!! Ms. Bridget will be keeping Adalynn while I am at work. Camden will continue at the preschool and John will pick him up in the afternoon. Broderick is excited to be able to go to mommy's room after school (mostly because he gets to play on the computer). Please keep us all in your prayers as we go through this transition. Hopefully it will be an easy one.

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  1. how i wish they could play together!!! i don't know anyone near me who has a child with a cleft..
    she looks great! and is a very happy baby!