Friday, July 31, 2009

Resting At Last

Well, sort of....at least resting every night in our own bed and that is HUGE! We are finally home and have been for about a week. I keep meaning to update the blog, but have felt too exhausted to do so. I think we are finally caught up on laundry, the suitcases have been unpacked and put away. We have been able to enjoy the pool a few days and a camping trip with our neighbors is in the works.

Some big news within the past month is that I think it is time for me to bite the bullet and put Adalynn into big girl panties. She has not had a poopie diaper in over a month and wakes up most mornings completely dry. She tells us if she has to potty at least 2-3 times a day. We put panties on her the other night, but very briefly before bed and she stayed dry for about 3 hours...telling me twice she had to potty...then she wet herself. She thought it was funny and just started laughing. Broderick was easy to potty train and the first time he wet his pants he said "no, Bro-Bro (which is what he called himself) like potty down my leg" and told him "then put potties in the toilet" and he said "o-tay, mommy" and that was that....potty trained and never looked back. Camden, on the otherhand was a little harder, but still not bad. Potty trained mostly by 2 1/2, but he still can not make it through the night at 5 years old! I am wondering if I will ever be able to stop buying pull-ups. Hopefully Adalynn is as easy as they were. I just need to realize that the time has come and that my baby girl is turning into a big girl!

I still have yet to upload the photos from the camera....all 400 of them!!! Crazy to think we have taken that many pictures since my last upload. I do want to share this one, which was taken at John's parents house during our first trip to Indiana. We uploaded it just to make prints to give to all the family members and friends we saw while we were on our travels. I hope to get the other ones on here soon! But this one for sure makes me smile and wonder how in the world did we end up with such cute kids?


  1. LOVE the picture!! Such great smiles on everyone!
    Potty training is no fun! Alexis seemed to take FOREVER so I am hoping that Aiden does not repeat that trend. Hope it goes smoothly for you.
    Glad you are back and resting in your own bed. praying life gets back to 'normal' for you soon. Looking forward to seeing lots of new pics in the future. :) Have a blessed weekend.

  2. The picture is so cute!! Your family is just beautiful! Hopefully, Adalynn will take to potty training just as easily as Broderick did. I'll be interested to find out how it goes. Since you will have already been through it three times by the time Gavin starts, I may be asking you for advice! :o)

  3. YAY! You're back! What a beautiful pic of such beautiful kids.

    I know we've talked about potty training before, and it sounds like she's ready! Just this week Abby decided she didn't want to wear diapers anymore, but still has yet to make it to the potty in time. Oh well. She will soon! Everyone is different I guess.

    So glad to know you are all home and able to finally enjoy what is left of Summer. Hugs to all, and take care!

  4. I'm glad to hear from you -- missed you!!

    Yay for potty training! What a big girl Adalynn is becoming!

    And finally, can't wait to see some of your "400" pics, but the one you posted is really, really great! Such beautiful kids!!

  5. Great picture of the kids. Love their smiles. I'm going private on my blog and can't find your email to invite you. Send me an email at kengie.steele@gmail.com.