Friday, July 17, 2009

One of these days

One of these days life will slow down. It just has to. I don't think we can keep going like we have been. I know it is wearing us down and the kids are really suffering. I am short on patience and even John and I have been bickering more than normal. Things have been way too crazy. We really wanted to be able to enjoy summer vacation---but so far it has been go, go, and go again!

We are currently in Georgia. Ryan and Missy's funerals are tomorrow-I am sad just thinking about it. We will be back in Pennsylvania on Sunday (planning on driving all night long). Camden turns 5 on Sunday and is having his birthday party at a local minor league baseball game (he is sooo excited)with 10 other kids. And then on Monday or Tuesday we will be heading to Indiana for John's grandma's funeral. Right after the funeral we will have to head back home because I have to retake my PRAXIS Foundations of Knowledge teaching test that I took back in 2001 (simply because in order to get your PA teaching certificate the test can only be taken within the last 5 years). Either we need to add wings to the van or John needs to work on getting his pilot's license. We have been traveling way too much! Thank goodness for IPods, Leapsters, portable DVD players, and anything that will keep their attention during the long car rides.

After that we pray life slows down. We hope that August allows us to use the tent we just bought. We really want to be able to go camping! We pray that everyone stays healthy and life eases up a bit. You know it is bad when another blogger comments that we always have crazy stuff going on. One of these days it has to slow down. I really don't think we can keep going on at the speed we have been. I know several months ago I posted that busy is a blessing, but right now I am definitely not feeling it. One of these days....

I have tons of photos to post-will get to it one of these days!


  1. Shannon, I really do hope that life slows down soon and that you are able to enjoy your summer break. Sometimes I know it feels like we are on a wild roller coaster and I just want to scream... LET ME OFF!! just so I can take a break from the craziness. Know that you are in my thoughts for safe traveling and stregth through the memorials, and a clear mind for the test.

  2. Hang in and hang on. I hope things slow down for you soon.

  3. Shannon, so sorry that you have not been able to enjoy your summer. You all really have been hit hard with so much so fast. I hope and pray that today went ok for you all, and hope that you will soon be able to just breathe and enjoy each other. Be safe....and know that others are thinking about you. Hugs to all.