Monday, July 13, 2009

Ryan and Missy: on the news

I hope to update with pictures of our trip to Indiana soon, but we will be leaving for GA in the next few days to celebrate Missy and Ryan's life and to be with their family and numerous friends. We will probably also end up back in IN soon as John's grandma isn't doing well and her days are numbered. All of the travel, along with trying to catch up and get ahead in my coursework, means blogging time is limited. Please be patient with us! :)

We are looking forward to the day when summer vacation feels like summer vacation. We haven't had time to breathe, rest, or just relax and can't wait for that to happen. Driving, driving, driving, too many deaths, hospitalizations, and illnesses, along with way to much fast food (and spending way too much money on gas) seem to be the only things our summer entails so far. We hope that we get to utilize the pool membership we paid for, we really want to go camping, and we definitely can't wait for the lazy days of summer.

Until then, I leave you with a news story from the 11 Alive News out of Atlanta. I feel forever blessed that God allowed me to be Ryan's third grade teacher and that I was able to call Missy a friend. They will forever be missed!!!


  1. Ok, now I'm a big mess of tears. I had forgotten the exact situation of Ryan and Missy and now remember... and now I cannot believe they both passed within days of each other. How completely hard-wrenching. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. tears...no words...just tears for that sweet family.

  3. This post was heartbreaking. It brought tears to my eyes. My thoughts are with the family...

  4. I have been thinking of and praying for you all. I hope that you guys are able to have some enjoyable and relaxing fun before summer break is over.

  5. I've been meaning to comment, but I honestly can't come up with the right words to say. I don't think there are any words. Just love for their family and yours.