Wednesday, January 7, 2009

more pics

Just wanted to share a few more pics from Christmas.

Broderick and Adalynn chatting while playing at the mall.

Camden found some sort of cucumber spa eye thing in Mamaw's trunk...he called them his spy glasses.

just wanted to show you all what a pretty profile Adalynn has (and this is on her cleft affected side).

me, my mom, and Adalynn right before getting her ears pierced.

Here I am checking the position of the marks before they did the actual piercing. Doesn't Adalynn look super serious?

and yes, she was scared to death...but once it was over with she was fine. She cried for about 30 seconds and then was extremely happy with her blue sucker. Now, she just fights us when it is time to clean them...anyone have suggestions?

I will post again soon-Adalynn has learned how to blow bubbles and I got some great pictures of her doing so. I think this is another huge thing for cleft affected children. This means that she can shut her airway off enough to force air out of her mouth. Yea Adalynn!!!!


  1. I want to get Jordan's ears pierced but I am so nervous. Addalynn's look beautiful!

  2. When Reesie was a baby, I would just pour the cleaner on her earlobe (front and back) when she was in the bath .. so it didn't matter that it ran down her neck. Or take a cleaner-wet q-tip to them when she is asleep. They really, truly shouldn't need much attention and the less you fuss with them the less she will fuss with them! ;) Those pics bring back memories .. I can't believe I took Reesie almost 5 years ago!! And the lollipop worked wonders for her as well!! Oh! I hope I have another little girl someday!!

  3. Yay for earrings!! What cute pics :)

  4. Hello~ your little angel is BEAUTIFUL. After 7 girls, I'm finally going to be a mommy to a little boy. I found your blog by googleing cleft lips. I just found out today, my little man has a cleft lip. I'm being referred to a pernatologist to see if the pallet is effected as well. I have been in tears all day. How old was Addalynn before she was able to have reconstructive surgery? Could you please help me through this. You may either view my blog and email me or call me. THANKS 916-714-0227. shawnarwaage.blogspot.com
    PS could you please also not reject to publish this comment seeing that it contains my ph # Thanks again Shawna

  5. Thanks for sharing your daughter's cleft story! She is absolutely beautiful! I am 25wks pregnant and just found our little girl, Riley, has a cleft lip. We don't know about her palate yet. I'll have a targeted ultrasound with a perinatologist soon. I'm from southern Alabama and currently looking for the best team to take care of Riley. I'm working on creating a blog but haven't quite got it all set up yet. Any info you have is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Nola Flynn

  6. works now, I deleted link from my favorites and readded....


    I remember when we got Amelia's ears peirced, so cute.

  7. Addalynn is beautiful as always! She looks like such a happy girl and it looks like her brothers dote on her-hope that lasts when she' older!