Monday, January 12, 2009

Bath and Bubbles

One way I have tried to start meeting people is by joining a local MOPS group. MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. It is usually ran out of a local church, but not necessarily by the church. I was involved back in Georgia before I started teaching and I was very excited to get involved here. Adalynn and Camden go to their classrooms while I get to fellowship with a group of moms twice a month. There are about 75+/- moms that attend the MOPS where I go. There is always a fantastic breakfast and usually a great speaker and fun craft. This week's speaker was a professional organizer, so I spent most of the weekend trying to organize. You should see my sock drawer! :)

The above picture is Adalynn looking way too cute before we went to MOPS last Thursday. She still isn't so sure about being left in her classroom and starts crying before I even hand her over, but by the time I am half-way down the hall she stops. The ladies there say she does fine, but she is always crying when I pick her back up. Hmmmm??? They do tell me that she does great the entire time, but starts crying again once the moms start showing up to pick up the children. I guess I just need to be faster and try to be the first one there. I know that they have had to come in and get other moms to handle fussy babies, so I guess I can assume that Adalynn doesn't cry too much or they would come get me. Camden loves going and does great in his classroom. He complains every time we go, but once we get there, he is fine.

As I told you all in the previous post, Adalynn has learned how to blow bubbles. I was so surprised that she could force enough air out of her mouth to do this successfully. I think this is huge for a cleft affected child. Of course, I called John in to show him her new talent and he said "yeah, I know...she was doing that the other day". Go figure?!?! Doesn't he know how important it is to tell mommy these things?

Can't you tell just how proud she is of herself? Check out that smile!!!!

Adalynn loves bath time!! At our house, baths are a very special occasion. Everyone usually takes showers and it has been that way since Broderick was little. When I say little, I mean tiny-infant-newborn little! His first "real" bath was a shower. Camden and Adalynn were the same way. On this evening, Broderick had Boy Scouts and Camden was upset about not being able to go-so a bath was a great diversion. He and Adalynn had a blast! I didn't get any good shots of them together....but here are some great ones of Adalynn "What do you want?" She is such a serious little lady!

Here I asked her to show me her nose. Looks more like she is trying to blow kisses...but cute nonetheless!
She found her reflection! Check out how dark her hair (what little of it there is) looks! It is finally really starting to come in.

And I leave you with a picture of my big boy cleaning up. Broderick has had a lot of homework for Boy Scouts lately. On Saturday night, he had to help with dinner from beginning to end (which included dishes and cleaning the stove). He had fun cooking country fried steak, mashed potatoes (with gravy), and mixed vegetables. He didn't want to touch the meat and peeling potatoes was really hard, but had a lot of fun chopping the potatoes into pieces to boil and helping with the gravy. He then had to write a reflection about the evening. He wrote...."It was fun. No I don't want to do it again. I liked the gravy the best". We told him that he did such a great job that we were going to make it a weekly chore for him to help with dinner. We'll see how that goes!

I have tons of sledding and snow pictures to share, so I am working on another ScrapBlog. I hope to have that posted in the next day or so. The kids (John and I, too) had so much fun. I can't believe this is the first time our kids have really been able to enjoy snow. I loved living in Georgia, but there are definitely perks to living in the north!


  1. Vey cool bubble blowing pics, wtg cutie pie! So glad you are enjoying MOPS, my group is much smaller (20 moms) so I would love to see what a big group is like sometime! Very cook that Broderick is doing Boy Scouts. Derek has been talking about it alot lately, he is looking forward to Andrew doing it (in a few years!). So glad you guys are getting settled in over there.

  2. Ok, Shannon, GREAT JOB on your header!!!! It's so cute! Yay for Scrapblog! I need to head over there and do some scrapbook pages. But I get so picky, I think it'd take me weeks.

    Love the latest on Adalynn! That's so awesome she can blow bubbles. Isn't it funny the things we (or other moms) take for granted? Aidan's drinking out of a cup (with my help) because he can't figure out the sippy cup and gets mad. But he really likes when I just dump the water in!

    Love that serious face of Adalynn... almost looks like a little ganster face, like she's saying, "What's up?" : ) And finally - HAIR!!

    Glad I can catch up with you on facebook now too!