Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well, Halloween didn't start out on the best note. I got a phone call from my mom that morning saying that my grandfather had died in his sleep. Yes, he was getting old. But, still this was a little unexpected. We are making plans now to head to Indiana for the arrangements. It wasn't a very good start to what turned out to be a fun weekend.

Broderick marched in a parade at his school that afternoon and then I was able to help out in his classroom (with Camden and Adalynn in tow) for his party. The best part was when another parent came over and asked me if I was a teacher because I "sure sounded like one". Yay! At least I know I haven't lost my touch. The kids in his class were wired, but had a blast doing all the activities. It was a lot of fun.

The kids loved Trick-OR-Treating on Friday night. We just went in our neighborhood and only went for about an hour and a half, but boy did they end up with more than their fair share!!! It was crazy. We even went home and dumped our buckets once. Even Adalynn had a blast and would not let go of her pumpkin. She was right with the boys going up to each door and getting her candy. It was so cute.


And finally, on Saturday night Broderick marched in a local parade with his Cub Scout Pack. They worked hard on their "Pirates of the CUB-arean" floats and Broderick looked too cute as a pirate. I wish he would have been a pirate for Halloween (NO MASKS NEXT YEAR...they only lasted 15 minutes). Can you believe I bought his pirate costume at the dollar store for a dollar? I just dressed it up with things we had at home. I think we'll go there first next year to find costumes. Broderick was so proud of himself for walking 2 miles (John was with him) and loved passing out candy to all the kids. Camden, Adalynn, and I watched the parade and had a lot of fun waiting for the boys to pass. It was a great ending to a not so beginning of Halloween.

It will probably be next weekend until I post again. Please pray for traveling mercies for us as we make the 9 hour trip and for all the family that will be traveling as well. Also, please pray for my mom. She lived with my grandpa, so it has been really hard on her.


  1. Shannon, I'm so sorry about your grandfather's passing. Praying for safe travels and for your family.

    Okay...that lil' lion of yours is sure adorable!! The boys are cute in their costumes too! And man, that is one big haul of candy!

  2. Sorry about the bad news of your grandfather. I hope this week goes well for you. But oh my goodness, your kids are SO adorable!! Love the lion, and I especially love the pirate!! And I love Camden's knitted green hat. Can't wait to put Aidan in outfits like that... sweaters, puffy vests, winter caps... so preppy and cute!

  3. Oh Shannon,

    I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. Please know that you, John and the kids are in our thoughts as you go through this tough time. Give those kids a hug!

    They all look so great in their costumes. I'm glad they had a good time. I love the pics of them at Broderick's school. Adalynn sitting with her brothers at the school table is pretty darn cute!

    Take care!

  4. I am so sorry about your grandfather. I hope the traveling goes well and will be thinking of and praying for your family.

    Your Halloween pictures look so cute and fun! I am glad you had a great time with all of the fun events!

  5. Shannon, my condolences for the passing of your grandfather. I pray that the entire family will have safe travel and feel comforted during this time.
    The kids look adorable in their costumes.

  6. So sorry to hear about your grandfather. Chris' grandmother died last Christmas and even though she was 87 it was still a blow and hard to know she wasn't going to be there anymore.

    I love the lion costume.

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  8. I am so sorry to hear about yout loss. No matter the age...this is never easy. Please know we will keep you covered in prayer.

    Love the tick or treat pics. I serioulsy think you have the cutest lion in the history of lions. LOVE her....so sweet.

    Do take care.....