Thursday, September 18, 2008

random photos

Thank you Jesse for the package of goodies. The boys love their water bottles/footballs and Adalynn enjoys giving her bear hugs. We miss you and pray that you have safe travels as you get ready for your R&R. Check out Jesse's blog to hear what he has been up to at Camp Victory in Iraq.

Our book worm is loving every minute of school and is excited to be making new friends.

Adalynn--can you believe she is already 15 months old?

Camden and Adalynn love painting. Notice how Adalynn is watching Camden's every move.

Camden found the face painting kit while we were unpacking. Doesn't he make an awesome tiger?

The kids playing/exploring at the baseball field in our neighborhood sporting their Colt's jerseys. Adalynn, of course has to wear the bow and pink shoes with hers.

Colts-wear... 2008 and 2007. What a difference a year makes! Look how long Adalynn looks.

Adalynn's first bike ride in the Burley bike trailer. She and Camden enjoy riding in it together and using the trails in our neighborhood.


  1. It looks like you are having a good time in the new town. I'm happy for Broderick, making new friends and enjoying school, and Camden and Adalynn must be enjoying all af the time they get with you! All of the pics are adorable, love Adalynn with the helmet!

  2. Love all of the Colt's gear! The kids are adorable in it.

  3. OMG the kids are so cute! Adalynn is getting to look more and more like a little lady (instead of a baby) they are growing up too fast!!!

  4. Very cute pics!! I had to laugh a bit at your comment about Drew being "tiny" b/c everyone seems to thing he is so big, but as you can see, he is only 23lbs which was below the 50 percentile. Maybe it's his big features!?!?