Monday, July 14, 2008

Got Milk?????...or bottles to hold milk, that is.

Great news...Adalynn is only taking one bottle a day now. Yay!!!! I've never had to wean a baby from the bottle, so this is a whole new experience. So far, so good. I think this last bottle (she takes it right before bed) is going to be the hardest. Of course, at the dentist appointment today, they said this was definitely the one that can be the worst for her teeth (I'll post more about the dentist appointment tomorrow...with pictures!)

Well, needless to say, I no longer need the cabinet full of Haberman bottles that I have acquired and I definitely don't want to move them. These special bottles run about $30/each so they are quite expensive. I have met several ladies on the I-Village Cleft Lip/Palate message board I visit often and they shared with me several months ago, so it is my turn to return the favor. If you are interested, please let me know.

I really want to return the favor and "Pass it On" so to speak. Having enough Haberman bottles to make it through a whole dishwasher cycle has been a God-send...I don't know how we survived the first few months with only 2 bottles. So a huge thank you to those that shared with me and I can't wait to do the same for another cleft family. This is a large box with 15-20+/-bottles/nipples/collars/disks. There is also a box of Medela sterilizing bags. I hope someone can benefit...please let me know!


  1. Thanks for the comments, wow look at all those bottles, we went a week with only 2 and that was plenty long enough. When we went to Atlanta they gave us 3 more and we do pretty good with 5. I am glad you commented I have some questions about surgery at CHOA.

    *Avie only has a cleft pallett and will have surgery on 10/28, is there any pre-op. Dr williams is her P/S and their office has said no, but I do not know aboout the hospital, we live on the FL line so it is quite a haul up there.

    *How many post op appointments did yall have?

    *Did your daughter have pallet surgery? If so what was she like after, like 6-8 weeks after.

    *After the surgery do they still need special bottles, Avie will only be 6 months old so I know she will still be on a bottle.

    You can comment back or email me amelia7588@bellsouth.net

    Any information puts our minds at ease especially when it comes from someone who has first hand knowledge.

  2. Oh my gosh, do you really have that many Habermans???? I think we got by with two, maybe three bottles at the very most. They were just so expensive and our insurance didn't cover them, etc.

    Good for you for having so many! And it's awesome you're passing them on!!

    I can't believe she's down to one bottle a day. ::Sniff, Sniff::: She's growing up! That's for sure!

  3. You are AWESOME! First of all, I can not believe you have that many bottles. Wow! We have lots of bottles that the Haberman nipples fit on, but they are all cheapies! We have 3 nipples that we use and just wash out each time and get ready for the next one. You have a goldmine there....and how absolutely generous of you to help someone else out. We, too, are trying to get organized and ready for weaning. Reid is drinking 4 bottles a day, and we are to find out this week a definite date for the palate surgery (probably Sept./Oct.). We have a little more time with the bottle, but I know that Reid will have problems giving it up. He LOVES it. I hope a family can take you up on your very generous offer...because you are going to save some family a whole lot of headaches! Hugs to you all...

  4. Hi Frye family, just passing by to wish all the best in everything!