Friday, May 2, 2008

Upcoming Surgery

Adalynn's next surgery is scheduled for May 15th. We don't have a time yet, but as soon as we do, I will let you all know. She is having her palate closed for the second time. There is a very small spot that opened back up and since she is still having so much nasal regurgitation, the Craniofacial surgeon thought it best to close it now. It is just supposed to be outpatient surgery and we should be home the same day. I am especially worried about the arm restraints this time (since she is so mobile now-and so much more aware). We pray that all goes well and this will be the last one for at least 2-3 years.

Despite the nasal regurgitation, she is loving food. Her favorites are green beans and pasta, but recently she has tried corn on the cob and even a miniature ice cream cone...which she LOVED.
Adalynn is getting better every day with eating and Broderick is finding it more and more difficult to eat. He did just lose another tooth though! Now both front teeth are gone. He is having difficulties speaking, but nothing ever slows him down eating.

We will update again sometime soon (when we have more surgery information). Until then, we send love to all.


  1. I love the corn on the cob picture. We just had it yesterday but I cut it off the cob for Jonathan. Next time, I'm letting him have a go of it. We'll be thinking of Adalynn on surgery day. :-(

  2. Adalynn is sooo cute! All of you will be in our prayers as she goes into surgery again. We don't ever leave out your boys in our prayers as we know with Colton that getting older isn't always easy. Give all of them a hug from Abigail. She will be here soon!

  3. Thinking of you all....we are in the same boat. Reid will have his lip surgery May 27...so May is a busy month for many. I am also very worried about the arm restraints. Even though Reid isn't mobile...he is a BIG hand chewer and has to have a blankie in his mouth all the time. It should be an experience. If you have any expert advice....I would love to take it! Adalyn is in our prayers...as always. Do take care!

  4. Thinking of you!!! Adalynn might do just fine with her restraints and will most likely be faster in getting out of them! lol I used tube socks on Wyatt I just cut the toes out and covered them and he had a harder time getting out of them. Many hugs!

  5. How many teeth does Adalynn have, I love that she can go to town on corn! Jordan won't even chew (gum) a cheerio.:)

  6. Just dropping in to say hello and wish you all luck and blessings (especially baby girl) with the upcoming surgery. I didn't realize it was approaching so quickly. I remember you posting that it would be required, but I just can't believe the time is here! Also, I was wondering if you could send me your email address through my ivillage profile. There's a certain little girl who has a birthday coming up, and I'm sure Abby and Ella would love to send her something special! Thanks!