Friday, May 16, 2008


After navigating rush hour traffic in Atlanta on Thursday morning, we finally made it to the surgery center (just 15+ minutes late). Adalynn was weighed and her vitals were checked (19.6 lbs). She was in a fantastic mood, smiling and laughing the entire time. We were then taken back to a pre-op room and she did okay. You can tell she was getting really hungry and bored, but she was manageable the entire time. She even got to pick a toy out of the toy cabinet. We got her gown on and mommy's (I got to go back with her when they put her to sleep) and they took us back around 10:25.

John and I then went over to the post-op part and began our wait. It actually wasn't too bad. The doctor came and talked to us around 11:00 and said things went well. She was back in our arms around 11:30. She was extremely groggy and cried out in pain several times. We waited several hours waiting for her to wake up enough to eat, but she never did. Although the nurse wasn't comfortable with it, the surgeon felt that she would do better once we got home. They unhooked her I.V.'s and we finally left the hospital around 2:15. She did do a little better Thursday night and took a couple bottles and 5-6 bites of yogurt. She is on a really nasty antibiotic (it stinks) and loratab for the pain.

Adalynn wants to be held all the time, but she did better today. She is taking 3-4 ounces of breast milk at a time and wants to eat real food. I've tried more frozen milk, Popsicle, ice cream, yogurt, banana baby food, diced peaches, pasta, and cheese and she wants them all, but as soon as she puts it into her mouth she spits it back out. Hopefully she feels better and better each day and starts really eating soon-at least I know she is staying hydrated and as long as her pain meds are in her, she is happy. She even let me put her down briefly and she played with Camden. The plastic surgeon wasn't to sure that she needed her arm restraints and we don't use them while we are holding her, but I put them on when I let her play. Camden thinks it's pretty funny that he can put things on her head and she can't get it off (hence the multiple bows and hats).

She was feeling well enough that we briefly made an appearance at the Relay for Life opening ceremonies. We got to watch Missy and Ryan both walk the Survivor's Lap. It was BEAUTIFUL and a bit emotional. We also got to walk the opening lap as part of the Bethlehem Team. Broderick was SO excited to be able to hold the sign. We didn't stay long since we were expecting Heather back at our house to visit and go to Broderick's last soccer game.

Thanks for all of the support and prayers. I hope this is the last of her surgeries for at least several years. Continue to pray that this time it holds!


  1. Glad to hear things went well. Continued prayers for a good weekend with easy eating and minimal fussing. :)


  2. Glad to see that you had a good day Thursday. I so appreciate all the help that you are giving to me...and you probably have no idea the depth of it. Adalyn is so stinking cute...and I hope that your weekend is a great one. Those arm restraints are what I dread the most about Reid's surgery. He is such a blanket holder and finger sucker...it is going to take some getting used to, I have a feeling. Take care this weekend...and so happy to hear that Adalyn is doing well! Blessings!

  3. OMG the bows and arm restriant picture were too cute! I have yet to go back when the kids were put under they never asked and I was too afraid. Hope she is doing great!

  4. So happy that everything went well and surgeries are behind you all for awhile!!!!!

  5. Yay Adalyn! You are in Lily & my thoughts!

  6. Happy to know she's hanging in there!

  7. You are continuously in our prayers. I am happy to hear things went well. You may post pictures of Abigail all you want. Also, send me your email address, so I can add you to our email list. Thanks and give all the kids hugs and kisses from Abigail (and us too).

  8. I found your blog by a search. Our Avie has a cleft palette and is scheduled for surgery in Atlanta in October. We have only had 1 appointment when she was 1 week old but they were great!! I do not think we will go back until the surgery, they said no pre op...I thought that was kinda strange.
    Your little girl is beautiful.