Thursday, May 22, 2008

Slowly, but surely

Recovery for Adalynn has been very slow. She is still not eating very well. She seems to really want to, but as soon as she puts it in her mouth, she spits it back out. She has been running a fever since the surgery, but the doctor isn't concerned. I spoke with the nurse and she just seems to think it is her body working to get rid of the anesthesia and healing. Last night was the first night that she slept somewhat decently, and even then she still woke up screaming out in pain. Her snoring is outrageously loud and related to all of the swelling in her mouth and throat which makes sleeping for John and I difficult as well.

Broderick had a recheck on his ears and his hearing was tested again. His left ear continues to decline and is significantly worse than it was when it was last tested. He complained a few weeks ago about it hurting and the pediatrician checked it and said it was fine. Broderick complained again last night, and the ENT looked today and said his ear drum was recessed (whatever that means) and put him on an antibiotic. I hate that he is struggling so much with his hearing, especially since I completely relate. It is the worst thing in the world knowing that people are talking and you can't hear what is going on. Watching T.V. with someone else is really hard, because they think they T.V. is really loud and you can hardly hear it.

Please continue to pray for Adalynn as she recovers as well as for Broderick as we determine the next steps with his hearing. He goes back to the ENT in a few weeks.

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