Monday, April 7, 2008

Hi Haley!

Spring Break week ended a lot better than it started. Adalynn finally stopped vomiting. It took a long time and every once in awhile I think she's going to go again, but so far, so good. Wish us luck. Also, other than Broderick briefly getting it, we've stayed healthy. Runny noses are now a problem, but with pollen that looks like this (see below) you can understand why. You know pollen counts are high when you can sweep it into a pile on your front porch and you have to turn your windshield wipers on to clean it off your car before you drive. YUCK.

I wish I could say the same for our house guests. My brother, "Uncle Nick", his financé, Mandi, and her daughter came to visit us. Broderick and Camden loved meeting their soon to be new cousin-Haley. The weather could have been nicer, but the kids loved playing together anyways. We spend Saturday afternoon at Discover Mills, painting pottery at the Painted Potter. Nick did end up getting sick on Saturday night, as did Haley on their way back to Indiana. I am not sure how it happened so quickly and/or if it was from us...but they got some sort of virus.

Thanks for checking in on us. Adalynn's is quickly approaching 10 months and doing something new every day. We are so excited that her first birthday is right around the corner.

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