Wednesday, August 15, 2007

first hospital stay

Well, she did it...had her first ever hospital stay. It was NOT fun. Adalynn began running a fever yesterday morning and was just not herself. She fussed and cried all morning. I called the doctor and took her in for an appointment at 11 a.m. I was assuming that she probably had an ear infection since she had no other symptoms. Well, after checking her ears, her lungs, and her throat, he said he wasn't sure what was wrong and to just watch her. If her temp got above 102, then we needed to call back. Well, when John got home from the office that evening, he took it and it was 102.1. She was miserable.

We called the on-call nurse and she paged the doctor (not our regular doctor) and she wanted us to take her to the ER. Our friends, the Taddas, came and got the boys and off we went. We arrived about 6:30 and finally made it back to a room at 7:30. They drew blood and inserted a catheter to check her urine. By 10:00 we found out she had a urinary tract infection. They called the doctor on-call back, and she wanted us to be admitted. We made it upstairs around 11:30. They put in an IV (on the third try) and started IV antibiotics around 1:30 a.m. It was a long night. Adalynn finally crashed-I think she wore herself out by letting the nurses know how bad they were hurting her.

Our regular pediatrician came by this morning and said we were fine to go home and just start oral antibiotics. We are going to see a urologist and they will do an ultrasound to check her kidneys and then some x-rays to check the function of her bladder. Hopefully this will be done next week as well as her 2 month check-up (which had to be rescheduled). She is sleeping now, still running a fever and a little bit fussy. This visit was so hard, I can't imagine what her surgery will be like next month.

On a positive note, she is now past the 10 lb. mark. She weighed 10 lbs. and 5 oz. yesterday. She weighs a lot less than the boys did at this age, but she is gaining fine and the doctor is happy about that.

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