Monday, February 1, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Broderick and Camden both made cars for this years Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. Camden isn't actually in Scouts this year, but Broderick's pack has a separate siblings race, so Camden gets to participate. The Pinewood Derby is an all day event and every boy gets to race every other boy and every boy gets to race in every lane of the 4 lane track---this took quite awhile considering there were 41 boys and only 4 can race at a time..

Broderick named his car Dragonfire and it came in second in his Wolf ranking and he got a plaque. He also got "Best Driver in the Car" with a Lego guy hot glued to the top.

Camden's car didn't do as well, but "Hockey Slapshot" still made it down the track in about 5 seconds. He will be more than ready for the Derby next year with two years practice under his belt.

Adalynn desperately needed a nap, and we tried to keep her busy. She loved watching her brothers race their cars, but could care less about all the other boys who raced. Next year, she will be able to make her own car, so hopefully that will keep her more interested. This year was definitely a lot different than last year. She has grown and changed so much!

Camden loved being the center of attention and getting high fives from all of Broderick's Scout buddies!

It is SOOOOOO hard to wait for your turn. Especially with there are 41 boys who get to go before you!

Had to share this photo of Adalynn. She still doesn't weigh much (about 25 lbs at 2 1/2 years old), but she is getting SOOOO tall. Check out where the door knob is!

and since I rarely post pictures of me.....thought I would share this photo that Camden took!
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  1. The derby looks like a lot of fun. It's nice that siblings are involved, too. I love the picture of Camden with his hands on his chin looking so anxious for his turn. And I can't believe how tall Adalynn is getting! She looks so precious in her dress and little stockings. The picture of you with Adalynn is great! It is so rare for us moms to be in the photos since we are often behind the lens. But I love how you can see so much of you in her. She has your eyes and pretty smile. It's a beautiful pic.