Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It has been a busy month and sorry for the long overdue update! Here are some exciting highlights over the past month.....

 First off....the SNOW!!! And lots of it.

We are finally starting to thaw out after the 2+ feet of snow we had over the past few weeks. The kids LOVED it, but John and I didn't have the most fun shoveling the massive piles of snow, especially since it seemed like the kids would knock it right back into where we had just shoveled. I think we are all getting used to the snow though-it isn't so new and exciting! This proved true when the kids were getting excited to see grass starting to peak through! Not for long though-there is more on its way as I write this.

 The kids were out of school for two days-add that to the two days that were already scheduled and that made for almost a week off of school. We had originally planned to head to Indiana during this time, but two feet of snow kind of canceled that trip.We have had snow on the ground for over a month now and the end isn't in sight.
This is a picture of the first big snowfall we had this year. There was about 10 inches on the ground and we were excited, but had no clue what was to come. Take special notice of the rocks behind the boys.

This picture was taken in the same spot less than a week later when we got an additional 2 feet on top of the 7-10 inches we already had. You can no long see the rocks! There was SOOO MUCH SNOW!!! 

Check out these pictures below of us walking down the middle of the road in our neighborhood in it. The road had already been plowed a few times, but as you can tell, nobody was going anywhere and the snow was falling faster than we had ever seen before. John shoveled the driveway about 4 times throughout the day, and within a few hours there was 4-6 more inches on top of it....multiply that by 4 and you get the 24 inches that actually fell.... It was CRAZY!!!
And this is the tunnel/shelter that John and the boys dug in one of the massive piles of snow that surrounded our house. And no, Adalynn was not happy to be standing there for the picture...she really wanted to shovel snow and was mad that we made her stop and stand with the boys.


And it was a good thing that the trip to Indiana got canceled, because Adalynn ended up with pneumonia...not much fun and it was a long week or so, but she is much better now. Camden's asthma has also flared up-probably the same bug, so between the two of them someone is hooked up the nebulizer all day long! I love how much they love each other though and hey play so well together (most days)! Guess it is only fitting that they get sick together too! Their favorite activities include dressing up and pretending to be mommy and daddy.

Camden celebrated his 100th day of school. He had a blast and was so excited to go to school that day and loved making his t-shirt to celebrate the 100th day. I forgot to take a picture of him in his shirt, but will be sure to do so soon! If I do say so myself, it was pretty adorable!

In other 100 news, Broderick turned 100 months old (or 4 months after his 8th birthday) and since his original birthday party was canceled, we surprised him with a 100 month birthday party. We had a blast at his party and he was beyond excited. He had NO CLUE that when he got back from running errands with daddy (which included a trip to Toys-R-Us to spend the last of Christmas gift cards) that his best buddies would be waiting for him!
Walking in to the surprise party!!!

Some of the boys making a 100 piece snack mix.
Mask-making (note to self, NEVER try this again at a birthday party)!


Ever seen a kid so excited about books? He LOVES to read and does an amazing job at it!

I can't believe 100 months has passed so quickly! Our baby boy is slowly, but surely becoming a young man (as much as I don't want to admit it)!! Life is flying, but we are sure having tons of fun!!!!!

Many Blessings,


  1. What a cute idea to do the 100 month birthday!! I love it! LOVE the picture of the sunset in the background of the snow in that first picture. i could never imagine that much snow. i wouldn't even know what to do with myself. How sweet that Adalynn loves to shovel snow. :) I hope that the whole fam is able to stay healthy and that the snow will let up soon.

  2. Ok, I can SOOOO see that you are a teacher! The 100th month birthday party is absolutely adorable...and how cool that it was a surprise! WOnderful! It's nice to hear that he is a reader, too! Wonderful! I love the pics of the kids with bandanas on their heads. That is adorable. And as for as the snow goes....welcome to our world as well. Ohio got blasted just the same, and we were able to enjoy it for a time. Now, I am ready to see some green and get on with Spring! Stay well, and glad to see the updates!!!!

  3. I aAlways love reading about your beautiful family :)

  4. I can't imagine getting snow like that! We don't get any here in my city, so if we want to see snow, we have to drive a hour or so up to the mountains. You got some great pics, too. The close up of Camden is awesome, it looks like it was professionally done. Good job!

    And the 100th month birthday idea is so clever! I love it! I especially like the sign that says "Happy 100th Birthday" with "Month" in small print below. I bet Broderick loved it.