Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ordering Scout Popcorn

Thanks for all the interest in ordering popcorn from Broderick. He is so excited that he can sale to you even though we do not live near.


1. Go to the website http://www.orderpopcorn.com
2. Where it says "Enter Order Key" enter the following code: TEQN2ZC
3. Look at the products. You can use the drop down menus. WARNING: If you click on the caramel corn on the bottom of the page, it lists the price of a WHOLE case. Be sure to use the tabs to choose individual items.
4. Place your order-it will tell you the estimated shipping costs once you go to "your cart".
5. Send me an email/note letting me know you ordered so Broderick can write you a thank you note.

Thanks a bunch for all your support. It is really hard to do a fundraiser when you don't know people. I really don't want Broderick roaming the neighborhood selling to strangers. I know you all understand!

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  1. Hey-Just wanted to let you know that I just ordered some popcorn!