Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beautiful Fall Weather (like we're used to in GA)

It has been a lot warmer the past few days and the kids have enjoyed playing outside. It did get kind of chilly for a few weeks and the boys did not understand why they couldn't wear shorts anymore. One morning it was in the low 30's. That is like the winters we experienced in Georgia. We love what the cooler weather is doing to the trees and can't wait until God shows us just how beautiful they can be, but we definitely enjoyed the warmer weather this weekend.

The kids played football in the yard and then we went up to the newly painted basketball court. The boys loved watching out our dining room window as it was slowly transformed over the past few weeks and now that goals are finally up, the boys (all 3) had a great time shooting hoops.

Adalynn loves hearing and seeing all the planes and trains that go by our house. If we are near her when she hears them, she's excited; but if we are not around she screams and becomes very frightened. It is odd watching two totally different reactions to the exact same sound. John and I both wonder how long this excitement/fear will last.


We also went to our first Kutztown sporting event...a hockey game. And yes, I have to admit we dressed for the warmer weather and not for being in a freezing cold ice skating rink. It was COLD!!! One lady even gave us her blanket to use. At one point, I took the kids outside to warm up. We only stayed for the first two periods, but the boys loved it anyways. Adalynn didn't understand why I was trying to keep her all covered up, but loved running around and standing on one of the benches with the boys. We will definitely go back and this time we will dress more appropriately and maybe be able to enjoy the game a little more.

first Kutztown Hockey Game

And here are the beautiful babies....

Adalynn loves daddy kisses!

Such a beautiful little man!

trying so hard to catch the ball

doesn't he already look like a basketball player?

and what most of my pictures of Camden end up looking like!

yes, he is all grown up

yet, still a little boy.

looks like a pro player catching the ball.

he's actually pretty good and can play on the "big goals"

makes most of his shots.

sweet girl

exploring the grass

proud that she has a ball too!

beautiful baby girl-who is beginning to look so big too fast.
Good thing she's still bald, at least I can pretend she's still a baby.


  1. Love all the new pictures!! You sure have some sporty kids there! Love the mix of color shots with black and white. I might have to do that more often!!

    Your children are just so beautiful, I have to tell you. The boys are so handsome and little Adalynn is the sweetest thing! Good job on that DNA!!

  2. Aww. Too cute. Great pictures.

  3. Adalynn is getting sooo big. She's tall and skinny and too cute! All the pictures are great, it's so nice to see your whole interacting and playing, etc.

  4. Cute, cute, and cute as usual! You're right about being able to pretend she's still a baby due to the lack of hair. I could do that with Abby for the longest time, now I can't quite get away with it!