Friday, August 29, 2008

Growing Up

Okay, so it is hard to believe my little boy is going to be in first grade. It just blows my mind how fast the time has gone. Broderick is still very nervous about it, but I think feels a little better after going to the new student orientation. He said he wants to be the "quiet, smart kid that sits in the back". His new elementary only houses grades 1-5, so he is glad to know ALL the first graders will be new, not just him. That, plus the fact that every classroom has a SmartBoard-like Bethlehem, really helped. We also ran into his teacher and got to meet her that day (she was just there getting her room ready). She seemed really nice (and VERY young, as in first year teaching, young). It is really weird here though, he needs no school supplies. All of it is provided by the school. We had already gone out and bought things since we didn't have any clue. That explains why we never got a supply list and you can't find one on-line. He was a little sad that he wouldn't get to use his Spiderman folders and the rest of his goodies, but glad to know that his teacher already had a box made up for him and told him if he wanted "special pencils" that he could bring them in. Of course, he still gets to use his backpack, which is also Spiderman, and it came with a cool skateboard. Broderick loved finding his name on one of the lockers (yes, his very own locker) that lines the hallway. The school is new (built in 2004) and despite being 3 stories tall is still much smaller than Bethlehem. We are both excited and nervous. I am really worried about not being there, but with school starting on Tuesday we have no choice but to be ready.

On the Growing Up title...well obviously it was about how grown-up Broderick now is-but I also wanted to let everyone know that I have not changed a poopy diaper ALL week. Yes, Adalynn is pooing in the potty. I can't believe it!! Sometimes she will walk over to the door and let me know she has to potty, but usually I can just see "the look". It started when I put her on the potty at the beginning of the week when she started to poop while I was changing her diaper. Since then, she has only pooped in the potty. I am not sure if this is just a phase or if it is the real thing. Every time I put her on the potty she does something-not always poop, sometimes she pees. She really tries and then she smiles when something happens. She loves flushing and waving bye-bye as well as washing her hands when she finishes. Hopefully this is the real thing, but at not even 15 months old, it is hard to tell. Wish us luck. ---notice the ponytail in the picture---hee hee :)

And I leave you tonight with video of our little toddler. I can't believe how well she is walking and how quickly she picked up on it. Don't ask about the outfit, daddy dressed her. I also wanted to share pictures of Broderick and Camden playing in the sprinkler in our back dirt, I mean yard. Don't ask about the saftey goggles, they both have some sort of obsession about wearing them everywhere.

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  1. I can only imagine what it's like to send your baby off to first grade, I would be nervous too! Especially when you're both used to being in the same school together, and this is completely new! He'll do great, I'm sure you know that though. I love the pics, Adalynn is so grown up. It happens so quickly. It was so exciting to see her walking around. Because all we usually see are still photos of each others kids, it was almost surprising to me to see her moving, like, "Oh, look, she's real!" I know it sounds silly, of course she's real, but I think you know what I mean! Oh, and the pooping in the potty, that's crazy! I can understand why you think it could just be a phase. I thought Ella was completely potty trained at 19 mos, Boy was I wrong! She was back and forth for so long, and finally decided for herself at about 2.5. So, try to just go with the flow, HAH!!! Get it? Oh man, I'm so funny! Ok, goodbye for now, sorry, I'm loosing it.

  2. Wow, school... potty training... walking!! I can't wait for these things (and I CAN!!). : ) If Adalynn really is on her way to being potty trained, what a blessing!! I can't wait for the day that poopy diapers are behind me. And I love the video of her walking. What a big girl!!! I especially love the fact that you blamed Daddy for her outfit... not like we care, but I've done that already with Aidan and Chad. Isn't it funny how embarassed we get, when we know they're usually MUCH cuter when dressed by Mommy?? heehee

  3. Potty trained, already?? what a blessing. cute video. post more! post more! We miss ya'll! Love, Missy

  4. I love Adalynn's ponytail.:) And I can't believe how well she is walking. Jordan is pulling up on things, but only to her knees. I am in no rush to have her walking, she is into everything as it is!

  5. Hey, Shannon! Love hearing from you...and glad things are getting into a groove there. I am sure with the move, starting school for the kids, and you being a "new" stay at home mom....things are different. Seems like you are all doing so well, though! Just wanted to comment about the marble jar. IT WORKS! I have used it for 12 years in 4th grade...and NEVER at home until one day I saw one on a friend's counter. I couldn't believe that I hadn't ever tried this with Ellie! DUH! So, we tried it and it works great with her. She HATES putting a happy marble into the sad jar when she does something mean or not so nice! What I do is just have the sad jar filled with the amount of marbles you want to start with. By doing good deeds, using manners, taking turns, etc....she can earn marbles. But, the reverse is also true. I can take from the happy jar back into the sad jar. When that happens, she throws a fit as if I have just cut off one of her limbs. Seriously...she hates that. But, she knows the value of getting those marbles. We are excited to go on "vercation" overnight this weekend. It will be a fun end to the summer.....and Ellie does deserve it. She has been a good girl! Try it...and see what you think. Let me know how it goes!!!! And if little Adalynn is potty trained this young...I am paying for her flight to Ohio to train Reid in a few months. Wow. IMPRESSIVE to say the least! Take care, Shannon!

  6. Goodness! I can't imagine a school that supplies the supplies! How wonderful! I can't believe that Addy is pooping in the potty! What a big step. I will keep my fingers cross that it is the REAL deal! Miss you guys!