Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Boxes, Boxes, and MORE Boxes

You never realize how much "stuff" you have until you see it all in boxes and loaded into a moving truck. We really have accumulated a lot of junk. John has convinced himself that our kids have contributed to the majority of it, but we all know better. We threw a lot of things away before the move and we are throwing even more away as we unpack. Packing and unpacking really makes you think about what you have and what you need.

Overall, the move went well. We were able to fit everything (well mostly everything) into the Penkse truck, John's car, and the new van. We did leave a few random things behind and the Tadda family received a new patio set, hose, and a cooler full of groceries courtesy of the move. We picked up the truck on Tuesday night and most everything got loaded. THANK YOU Kevin, David, Chris, and Laura. Despite thunder, lightning, and lots of rain, they pretty much emptied the house. We finished packing everything on Wednesday and spent most of the day cleaning. John and the boys left early Thursday morning with Misty, Bailey, and me following several hours later.

John's parents were also on the road and met us in Pennsylvania to help unload the truck. John and the boys met them at the campground just after dinner time. Misty, Bailey, and I followed arriving at 2:30 in the morning. UGH!!! What a LOOOONNNNNGGGGG drive. I can't believe we all did it in one day. It was well worth it though, we were able get a little sleep, eat a good breakfast, and make it to our new house early the next morning.

We were very happy to have the wonderful help of John's parents, his nephew, and Misty. We had the truck completely unloaded just before dinner. I was busy unpacking kitchen boxes and watching Adalynn as they emptied the truck. We still have a lot of boxes everywhere, the garage is still pretty full, and the basement is a mess, but they are getting better and better each day.

After several trips to Wal-Mart, Target, Bed-Bath-and Beyond, Ikea, and too much fast food we are slowly getting things back to normal. The house had no blinds or curtains and only a few rooms had lighting (kitchen, dining, and bathrooms) so we have been shopping like mad. The kids are adjusting as well as can be expected and John is excited to get into his office and start preparing for the fall semester.

I can't believe we are really here. It is still overwhelming and I don't think it has really sunk in. I don't have photos yet, but I hope to soon. If you want our new address email me at my NEW gmail account. frye.shannon@gmail.com PLEASE email me regardless, I got "kicked out" of my school email long before I expected to. That means I lost all email addresses I had saved with that account. I will need to reestablish my address book and desperately need your help. I will let you all know when we get new cell phones and hopefully I will have time to post some pictures. For now, boxes are calling....


  1. Hi Shannon,

    email has been sent!

  2. Glad you guys made it and are getting settled. Can't wait to see pictures of the kids.