Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Hunt is On!!!

We are on day two in Pennsylvania, and after a discouraging first day, today was much better.

We left Georgia early Sunday morning after cleaning up after Adalynn's party. We drove for about 11 hours (with too many stops to count) and stopped outside of Winchester, Virginia at my old principal's house. She was kind enough to allow us to sleep in her basement and meet their newest addition to her family. (Jack Waldrop is ADORABLE...but needs to share his hair with Adalynn). We enjoyed a quiet evening with them (the boys loved the pool table-which is not so quiet) and left early the next morning for Pennsylvania. We only had about 3 1/2 hours left, so we arrived in Allentown around lunch time. The boys were very excited to cross the Potomac River, and go through West Virginia and Maryland, before making it to Pennsylvania (all with an hour or so). The kids did amazingly well during the drive and we kept waiting for the bottom to fall out, but much to our surprise, it never did. They are a little stir crazy now and aren't listening the greatest, but considering the circumstances, we are very proud of them. Everyone is sleeping now...so all is quiet on the home front.

We visited a few apartment communities on Monday, and much to our discouragement found out the very few communities accept pets. We even briefly considered talking to John's parents about keeping Chase for the next year until we could actually buy a house. That discussion didn't last very long when we thought about how much we miss him already. We met with a Realtor on Monday late afternoon and he began searching for us.He sent us home-well, back to the hotel, with several possibilities and we had an appointment to meet him the next afternoon. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Cracker Barrel (everyone was sick of fast food and Adalynn's tummy needed some better food) and then went back to the hotel to swim.

On Tuesday morning we headed to the University to visit John's new office (which is EXTREMELY nice) and pick up keys/set up email for him. We met with a local Realtor suggested by one of John's new colleagues and saw a few houses in and very near to Kutztown. Both were extremely old and not quite what we were looking for. The second one we looked at really was gorgeous with original hardwood floors, and detached summer kitchen with a stone oven and smoke house and a large yard...but it still was really old and the owner really wanted to sell it, not just rent it. We grabbed lunch at a tiny Mexican restaurant in Kutztown and then drove around and looked at the area/the outside of a couple of other houses. The afternoon was great, meeting with the Realtor we'd spoken with the day before and seeing 6 houses. The boys loved the basements and 4 of the 6 are very strong possibilities. It is a small town (I think they call them boroughs up here) outside of Kutztown called Macungie. We hope to make a decision tomorrow and will take pictures when we do.

Wish us luck....

we have taken some pictures while here (the mountains are beautiful), but we have no camera connector to get them onto the computer....as soon as we do, you all can see where we will soon call home.


  1. I just watched your video above and oh my, tears were flowing -- happy ones though! What beautiful pictures of a beautiful little girl! And what a wonderful song! Would you mind letting me know the name of it and who sings it?
    Thanks ~ Krissy